Diary of a trip

Illinois to Kansas




Mary Peery


State of Illinois

September 15, 1869





This morning we leave our old home in the south east part of Cumberland County and journey westward to seek a new one in the far west.  The weather is very gloomy this morning but clears off about noon.


A great many of our friends gather in to see us start and bid us farewell.  It is very hard to leave the home of my childhood where so many happy days have been spent in childish glee but all those days are gone never more to return and I must say farewell dear old home and friends but not forever for I trust I shall meet my friends in that beautiful home where parting is no more.  We camp at Island Grove tonight.


Thursday the 16th.  A beautifull morning weather pleasant.  We pass through Luck town and Effingham to day.  We have a nice camp ground to night.  A great many thoughts pop over my mind to day of my old home and friends.  My mind is also carried forward in anticipation of a new home in the far west.  We fall in company today with strangers bound for Kansas.


Friday the 17th.  Some rain this morning.  Pass through Hourds (?) point and take dinner on a beautiful large prairie.  Pass through Vandalla and camp two miles and a half west near a Cleaver family of the African race.  Weather this evening clear and pleasant.


Saturday the 18th.  Weather clear and warm.  This morning we pass through a rich valley interspersed with numerous knolls upon which are large farm houses surrounded by groves of various kinds of timber.  Unknown word  to day Mulbery (?) Grove and Quensville (?).  Camp tonight on the banks of a small crick the (name) of which I have not learned.  Brother Ben is not very well this evening.  It is a very serious matter to think of one being ill here among strangers but I will trust to him who cares for us and loves us he is our shield and hiding place.


Sunday the 19th.  Weather very warm this morning.  We lay by this first day of the week to rest.  Ben is very unwell.  This blessed Lords day morning we are all alone in the woods.  We have not the privaliege of attending church and meeting those we love as usual but still I thank the Lord for his many blessings he is daily bestowing upon us for I am aware that we might be placed in more disagreeable circumstances than we are this morning.  After noon we move our camp about two miles and a half close to Pocahontas (?).  We call the physician to night to see Ben.  He is very sick.


Monday, the 20th.  We remain in camp today on account of sicknes.  Very warm this morning.  Begins to rain about noon and continues all evening.  The doctor is again called this evening.  We have a nice camping place near a supher spring.


Tuesday, the 21st.  Weather cloudy but pleasant.  We are still in camp.  (note:  here the faded ink gives way to pencil).  There I have upset the ink on my dress and have to write with a pencil.  About noon it begins to rain.  Ten teams camp near by for dinner all going west.  Some of them are hard looking cases.  Very pleasant weather this evening.  Quite a number of teams camp near to night.  We have some visitors from one camp--very cleaver people they are or at least appear to be.  The doctor has just left here this being his second visit today.  His name is Gorden--he has the appearance of a very good man and he said he never heard a Gorden swear so by that I judge he is a moral man.


It is now eleven o’clock in the night and I am all alone siting watching for the hours to roll round and the time come to give medicine to my sick brother with no company save the ticking of the watch and songs of the night insects such as the katiedid and the cricket which seem to be enjoying their selves very much.  O how wonderfull are the creation of the all mighty God to create from the  n_________  to the smallest insect he created the earth and all that in it is last of all he created man the most wonderfull piece of his workmanship.


Wednesday, the 22nd.  Weather very pleasant.  This morning we again roll out on the road Ben being very much better.  We pass through high land about noon.  It is a perfect duck (?) town.  Saint Docohs (?) this evening.  Country very nice today.


 Thursday, the 23d.  We start at six this morn and pas Troy and Collinsville before ten and Camp for dinner five miles east of St. Louis Mo.  At three o’clock this evening we cross the great river Miss. And enter the city of Saint Louis Misoria.  We pas up market street with difficulty the street being very narrow and crowded with street cars hacks carriages buggies and various other vehicles.  We drive about seven miles and camp for the night near a very hard hearted old man’s house who refuised to let us stop any where near but wants us to drive on farther--it now being dark we get water from another nearby man.


State of Misouria


Friday, Sept 24th.  Weather continues very pleasant.  This morning we rise before day and make preparation to persue our journey--wagons and buggies have been passing all night.  We take dinner at Manchester.  We pass several villages to day among which were Rockhill, Manchester, Ballwin and others.  We camp to night about one mile west of Pond Store.  It is so late I cant write.


Saturday, the 25th.  Very cool this morning.  We pas Grey Summit and take dinner about two mile from town.  It seems like winter.  This evening we drive about thirteen mile over a miserable rough road to union and camp for the night near some people from near Vandalia who are going to Texas on a visit expecting to return again this winter.


Sunday, the 26th.  Weather clear and cool some frost this morning for the first I have seen this fall.  We stay here to day to rest.  Quite a number of the colored race live here.  We have a little rain this evening.


Monday the 27th.  Weather clear and cold heavy dew last night.  We again drive this morning over a very rough road.  To day we see marks of the late war--whole farms laid waste--parts of stone chimneys without a house.  No good timber on the road to day.  A very poor country.  We camp to night near a family of cleaver germans.


Tuesday, the 28th.  Heavy frost this morning.  Some places the road is almost impassable.  We camp on a small creek for dinner and I go to a house for to buy butter.  This evening we drive through a wilderness to the Casconade river.  Can not ford it here—drive about four mile up the river over hills and mountains and camp at dark near a collections of small houses close to the river.  The miller and another man visit our camp to night and chat a while.


Wednesday the 29th.  Weather cool.  This morning we ford the Gasconade river—drive about a mile on the rong road and turn back.  We pas the town of Lin and camp to night on the banks of Mary’s river near its mouth.


Thursday the 30th.  This morning we are ferried over the Osage river at the mouth of Mary river arrive at Jefferson City about noon – drive out and take dinner—drive about five mile and camp for the night.


Friday, October the 1st.  rain last night and continues to rain all day.  Pas Highpoint late this evening and camp about a mile from town on a small creek.


Saturday, October 2nd.  Weather clear and cool.  We pass Versailles to day and see some very nice prairie.


Sunday, the 3rd.  Clear and cool this morn but very pleasant about noon.  Pass Coal Camp this morning.  This evening we get off of our road some distance.  Father is very sick to night.


Monday, the 4th.  Weather clear and pleasant.  We pass Leesville this morning and loose Danger here.  Sis takes a big cry about it.  Camp for dinner on a muddy creek where we can get no watter fit for drink –cross Grand river this even.  We camp to night on the prairie—pay 15 cts for wood.


Tuesday, the 5th.  Weather pleasant.  We camp to night at Clintonville.


Wednesday the 6th.  Weather pleasant.  Pass Nevada City – the fair is going on – it is a very nice town.  We camp to night on Fry (?).  Wood wher father and Ben camped about one year ago – ten mile to Ft. Scot <KS> -- four mile to Kansas line.


Thursday, the 7th.  Weather clear with a very strong wind from the south –Pass Fort Scot this morn.  This even we camp on Pawnee Creek where the prairie has been burnt and it is almost impossible to cook – wood is also very scarce.


Friday, the 8th.  Rain this morning about nine o’clock – we part with our company with whom we have been all the time since we left Union Mo – they are very good company – they go to Erie and we to Jacksonville at which place we arrive late this even and find brother Jim in town – drive to his house three mile SE against dark – find all well


Saturday the 9th.  Clear and cool – some ice this morning


Sunday the 10th.  Clear and pleasant.  Write a letter to Aunt Catherine.  I stay at home all day – all the rest have been riding around looking at the country.


Monday the 11th.  Clear and pleasant – brother Jim goes off to work


Tuesday the 12th.  Clear and pleasant – I at home all day – John finishes sowing Jim’s wheat


Friday the 15th.  Weather clear and cool – Our folks return from their visit in Neosho to night at ten o’clock having purchased a farm


Saturday the 16th  Clear and pleasant.  Today we are making preparation to move to our new home.


Sunday the 17th.  Weather clear and cool.  This morning four wagons arrive here from Misouria.  We take a pleasure ride this evening


Monday the 18th.  Weather cold and cloudy.  We again start to move.  Pass Jacksonville Catholic mission.  Erie and camp four mile from town on Canville Creek


Tuesday the 19th.  Freezing cold sleet and snow an awfull time to camp out.  We manage to get breakfast over and roll on – arrive at our journey’s end about ten o’clock and still as cold as January in Ills.


Wednesday the 20th.  Weather cold and cloudy.  Our folks go to Humboldt.  John kills half a doz prairie chickens.


Thursday the 21st.  Weather cool and cloudy.  Alfords move out.  There has been 17 of us here since Tuesday.


Friday the 22nd.  Weather very cold and cloudy.  Strong NE wind –rain—sleet and snow.  So cold we can hardly keep from freezing.


Saturday the 23rd.  Clear but cold –ice one inch thick


Sunday the 24th Oct 1869.  Weather clear and cool.  At home very lonesome


Monday the 25th.  Clear and cold.  Turnips in the field froze through.  Large prairie fire to night – comes very near entering the farm


Tuesday the 26th.  Clear and a little warmer.  Mother goes to Mr. Schooley’s – I am at home all forenoon by myself.


Wednesday 27th.  Warmer to day.  Some appearance of rain.





State of Kansas

Neosho County



Jan the first AD 1870.  Cloudy and cold.  I go to Mr. Haddens and take dinner.


Sunday the 2nd.  Go to social meeting to day.


Sunday the 9th.  Very windy – go to social meeting to day – have company for dinner and call on some friends this evening


Sunday the 16th.  Weather very warm this morning but blows up very cold about noon.  I go to church expecting preaching but am disappointed completely.


Sunday the 23rd.  Very cold – go to meeting this morning and call on Mr. Schooleys this even.


Sunday the 30th.  Pleasant day – go to Presbyterian meeting.


Sunday February 6th.  Very pleasant day.  At home all day.  Callers.


Sunday the 13th.  Pleasant day.  At home.  Mrs. Hurt died last night.


Sunday the 20th 1870.  Very cold.  Go to social meeting – take dinner at Mr. Harmen’s – spend the evening at Mr. Lollers.  Rev Mr. Jenkins and family are stoping here now.


Thursday 24th  Spelling


Sunday the 27th.  Very windy.  Go to social meeting and to I. (?) Staffords for dinner.


March the 3rd.  Thursday


Sunday March the 6th.  Very cold – go to the funeral of Dr. Buckmaster thence to Mr. Schooley’s.  Miss Emaline comes home with me and spends the night.


Sunday the 13th.  Weather cold and very windy.  At home all day.  Theadore is here for dinner.  Mrs. Hadden and others call this even.  The past week has been spent all at home.


Sunday the 20th (March 1870).  Pleasant weather.  At home.  Mr. Schooley is very sick – been sick two weeks.  The weather during the past week has been very cold.


Thursday the 24th.  Engage in domestic affairs at home


Sunday the 27th.  Pleasant weather – Bro Jim and family are here.  Several friends call for dinner.  Go to singing at Mrs. Schooley’s this even.


Monday the 28th.  Come home with Jim’s today.


Sunday April the 3rd 1870.  Three mile SE of Jacksonville in Crawford County Kansas.  A pleasant day – take a pleasure ride this evening


Sunday April the 10th ’70.  Pleasant day.  Down in Labette County on the Neosho river – take a skift ride in the after noon


Thursday April the 14th 1870.  Rain this morning.  Start to Girard about 11 o’clock and arrive there about 3


Friday the 15th.  Very cool this morn – ground is frozen.  Call on Dr Strong, County Supt this morn – come home this evening – very cool


Sunday April the 17th.  Easter Sunday – go to Sunday school thisw morning – call on Mrs. Wayland this eve – very pleasant day


Monday the 18th.  Go to Jacksonville this afternoon and later to Dr. Waylands and vaccinated


Friday the 22nd.  Got a letter from home.  Go to Sherficks and take dinner with them.


Sunday 2224th.  Go to Sunday school at 9.  A rainy day – write a letter to my friend Emaline.


Monday the 25th.  Go to Jacksonville this morning & to Mr. Dunns this evening


Sunday May 1st 1870.  Very warm day.  Go to Presbiterian meeting and a marriage takes place at the close of preaching.


Friday the 6th.  Rec a letter from Emma – answer it – also write a letter home to Sis.  Weather very cool – windy


Sunday May the 8th.  Pleasant day.  Go to school this morning – have a new library on the table – have been reading a book this evening with (?).  Oposite the Jail – very interesting.  I am now siting at the west door writing by the twilight – the beautifull Moon is shining bright and already casts a shadow.  I feel happy – it seems so pleasant to sit all alone at close of day listening to the distant nois of farmers attending to their chores and the chatering of the prairie chickens.  It is dark.


Sunday May the 15th, ’70.  On Lightning Creek in Cherokee County.  Take dinner at Mr. Dewey’s.


Monday May the 16th, ’70.  At Jacksonville this morning.  Friends and travelers for dinner.  Mrs. Sherfir ? (may mean Sherfick) spends the afternoon with us.


Tuesday the 17th.  Father – Mother and sister comes this evening – a very windy day


Thursday May the 19th ’70.  Pleasant day.  Returned home with Father to day.  Pass Jacksonvillle – Osage Mission – erie and arrive home on Big Creek at sunset.


Friday the 20th.  Go to Mr. Lawlers – take supper


Sunday May 22nd 1870.  Go to social meeting this morning – also to SS organization.  Company for dinner.  Most all the youngsters in this neighborhood call this even – it being a pleasant day


Sunday June the 5th 1870.  Hear bro Jenkins preach twice to day – take dinner on the ground – Brother Ben has gone to Leavenworth.


Sunday June the 12th ’70.  Go to S.S. social meeting and singing.  Hannah is here.


Sunday June 19th 1870.  hear bro Jenkins preach 2.  Very hot day


Sunday June 26th.  S.S. social meeting and singing at Mr. Cunningham’s


Monday 27th 1870.  Bro Jims come.  (Building house)  Very warm.


Sunday July the 3rd 1870.  Meeting in the grove by Mr. Haddens


Monday July the 4th 1870.  At home.  Very warm day.  Celebration at Erie but few go from this vicinity


Sunday July 10th 1870.  Heavy rain this morning.  At home all day.  Scot is here for dinner.  Several persons call this evening.


Monday July the 11th, ’70.  (Bro Jim’s go home.  Built house on claim.)


Sunday July 17th 1870.  Meeting in the grove again.  Take dinner on the ground.  The young folks have a gay time.  Preacher Elder and others take supper with us.


Sunday July 24th, ’70.  S.S. Social meeting in forenoon.  Singing in the even at M.L.  Quite a number have gone to Canville Creek to meeting.


Sunday July 31st, ’70.  Go to Canville to church.  Have a nice time – a great many go from this neighborhood.  Got home before dark.




Sunday the 7th, ’70.  Hear the funeral of an aged Bro preached in the grove after which we march to witness his burial.  Singing at Mr. Cuningham’s this evening.  Hanah is here to night.


Sunday August 14th 1870.  Weather cool and rainy.  At home all day.  Several persons call during the day.  Ben is sick.


Sunday August 21st, ’70.  Go to church expecting preaching but am disappointed our preacher is sick.  Dr. Pennie & lady with others take dinner with us.  Go home with Lue(?) this even.


Sunday August 28th, 1870.  Quite windy.  At home all fore noon.  Company for dinner.  Bro Ben and I go to Mr. Schooleys this even and spend a few minutes – Mr. Alford – Miss (?) Harmon


Sunday Sept 4th, ’70.  Pleasant day.  Go to church at the3 Hurt school house – hear Bro Jenkins preach and give Ben – Jeff A. the parting hand. 


Though parted now we be, we shall meet again in eternity


Tuesday 6th.  Go to Humboldt to day in company with Ben—Jeff and Millie


Wednesday 7th.  O this sad day.  Bro Ben and friend leave us and return east.  Farwell!


Sunday Sept 11th, ’70.  A rainy morning.  Singing at father harmon’s this eve.  Stay with Hannah to night.


Tuesday Sept 13th 1870.  My twentieth birthday – spent at home in the south edge of Allen County Kans.  This day one year ago found me in Cumberland Co Ills there surrounded by quite a number of friends and acquaintances.  O what a change one year can make.  The sound of how many voices did I hear that day I will hear no more in this world.  Thou they are scattered over the earth never more to know of each others wanderings.  One year from now may make a greater change.


Wednesday 14th, ’70.  Spent at home until evening when I visit Miss Emma.  This day one week ago:  The day long to be remembered.  How sad it makes me feel to think of it.  O where is Brother Ben this morning – one week ago he was here in the family circle.  The week seems all most like a month or even more.  My friend who accompanied him, where is he?  I imagine he is at his Father’s house enjoying the pleasure of the presence of his friends and relatives but I know not.  May the Lord in whom we trust watch over and care for them.


Sunday 18th.  At social meeting this afternoon.  To Presbyterian meeting to night – Friend Mollie stops with me.  Write a letter to Ben.  Bro John has gone to Bro Jim’s


Sunday 25th.  At social meeting and baptizing this afternoon.  Some friends who expect to leave us soon stays with us to night – Father Harmons.


Sunday 27th.  Bro John and I go visiting to night


Thursday 29th.  John & Bro Jenkins start to the state meeting at Leroy Ks.


Saturday Oct 1st.  Warm — At Erie — Neosho Co Ks


Sunday the 2nd, 1870.  At home all forenoon.  At church at Mrs. Schooley’s to night.  Come home in rain.


Sunday 16th.  At church – hear Bro Brown preach    A very rainy day.


Sunday 23rd.  Hear Bro Brown preach – A very windy day – Go to Stafford’s for dinner.  Have been attending meeting all the past week and a very rainy week it has been.  Some frost.


Sunday 30th.  At home – Dora and Emma are here – Bid Mollie & Scot farewell – They are gone to Kanie (?)  Call on Hannah.


Sunday 6th.  Pleasant day – At church on Canville Creek – Bro Smith’s for dinner – Remain at night meeting.


Sunday 13th, ’70.  On Canville again.  Come home this evening.


Tuesday 15th.  Go to Canville to meeting – remain till ater meeting Wednesday night.


Sunday the 20th, 1870.  A very cold & windy day – Hear Bro Jenkins preach.  Meeting at Mrs. Scholey’s to night.


Sunday 27th, 1870.  Cousin L.L. (?) Bacon comes whom I have not seen for 15 years.


Sunday December 4th.  At home all day – Quite windy weather


Sunday 11th, 1870.  At home – very sick with Diphtheria


Sunday 18th.  At home all day.  Snow on ground.


Sunday 25th, 1870.  At home all day – The weather during the past week has been excepinly cold but a little milder to day.  I have suffered again with sore throat.  Last Christmas found me in Erie ………


January 1st, 1871.  A very pleasant day – At home all day


Sunday 8th, 1871.  Beaurifull day – At social meeting this afternoon.


Jan 15, 1871.  At home all day – A terrible snow storm has just subsided having lasted three days


Humboldt Kan Sept 13th/71


My twenty first birthday finds me still in Allen County Kansas.  Circumstances surrounding are quite different from this day one year ago.


We all remain in the family circle although one has married & will leave us soon.  The last year has not been a happy one for me.  Trouble has been with me – Many have been my discoveries – What was once (word erased) is now changed into (3 lines erased)  --  This last year has learned me to distrust which has learned me how to rightly appreciate the friendship & love of the true and trust worthy – I have formed new acquaintances & obtained new correspondence some of which are agreeable  --  nevertheless the year has seemed dreary & unpleasant  --  Perhaps I am looking at the dark side of the picture but let this be as it may I hope how soon memories or at least some of them may be banished from me.  I shall hope for a happier day in future although I must now use my own judgment in seeking happiness.


2 pages of diary have been torn out here


October 29th, 1871.  Today I accompany Father & Bro John to Bro Jim’s in Crawford Co  --  We remain here till Wednesday when Father & I go home.  John will take charge of a school in the district on Monday next.  Will remain during the winter.


Wednesday night -  Nov 1st – At home again – Find all well --  I am now almost left alone it seems for Bros are all gone.  We as a family now are only four --  Father – Mother – little sister & I.  Sister is going to school.  We will have some hired hands for a while so I will necessarily be keep very busily engaged in domestic affairs


Dec 25th, 1871.  Since my last writing but little worth note has transpired.  I have formed a few more acquaintence.


Jan 1st, 1872.  The old year is past & gone & with it many other things have also passed away.  Some days of pleasure & some of sorrow.  Who meets not sorrow as well as plesure here in this world  --  What this year may bring forth I know not  --  but time must come & go and with it best we do not know.


The pleasures we will enjoy when they come & the troubles will be hard enough to bear in their season.l


August 4th, 1872.  Sun 4 on Percon Creek to Church.  Sun 18 – A visit from M. Hanson.  Sun 25 – At church (Alexander at Sunday School this forenoon.  Sept 1st  --  Quite a number of strangers were there.  New comers among them is one who proposed to teach singing for us  --  Makes an appointment for Tuesday night.


Tues 9Sept) 3.  At singing to night – have a very nice time – But they fail to raise a school.  Form teachers acquaintance.


September Sun 8th.  At home all day – rainy in the morning  -- Have company for dinner.  Strange young (??) – Company this even


Sun Sept 15, 1872.  At church this morn


Oct 13 – Sunday.  At church P.M.


Oct 14th, Monday.  Start to school to W.H.A.


Wed – Jan 1st, 1873.  Another year has passed into vast eternity.  I now look back over it & many are the toughts & memories that rush into my mind.  Scenes of mirth & gladness -- Scenes of grief & sadness alike intermingle there.  I have formed many new acqaintance & seen and learned more of the ways of this world.  The last months of the year I have been spending in school.  Perhaps it may be my last days as a school girl.  As I sit & think over my S. days that are past, & a life in future many solemn thoughts pop over my mind & tears almost fill my eyes but I bid them be gone & to childhood say adieu


Sun Jan 5th, 1973.  A Friend At church.


Mon 6th.  evening at singing


Tuesday 7th.  At home -- A visitor – One for whom I have profound feelings of respect & attachment.


Wed 8th.  At Singing.  Evening.  Farewell my friend.


Will you faithfull be

And still remember me

Though parted far we be


Sun 12th.  Home  -- Snow melting


Mon 13th.  At church


Tues 20th.  To see Mollie Hanson


Sun 25th.  At home --  Large snow.


Sat April 5th, 1873.  A terrible storm passed through this country at night demolishing many houses and doing other damage.


May 15th.  Pa – Ma and Sis go to Jim’s  --  Last week in May ‘73 --  protracted Meeting this week  --  15 additions.  The rain and storms continue.


June 1st, ’73.  Bacon’s and Quiet come


July 4th.  A sad day although I attend celebration and try to appear happy my heart is heavy.  The weather is plesant.  I would much preferred to stay at home and be alone but I am expected to go  --  Therefore sad though I might be (?) depart for a while.


August 1873 – 31st –Sunday.  At S.S. this morn.  My friend Mr. Alford calls this evening and bids me Good by again --  Three years have passed (lacking a few days) since he bid me good by before to return to Ind.  During these years many changes have taken place.  We exchanged many kind missives and remembered each other as friends for quite a while but trouble arose finaly and our missives of friendship were changed and assumed another tone.  This evening we return all relics and letters of the past and drop those matters in peace and friendship.  Little can we imagine what a change a few days or years will make.


Here is a pencil drawing of a bird on a nest, and above it the inscription:


Your friend

Theodore Harding

Sunday Feb 6th 1870


Mon Sept 1st, 1873.  Heavy rain.  Has been very dry – water very scarce.


Tues 2nd.  Call on my friend Mollie Hanson this morning.  Start to Jacksonville Ks this evening.


Wed 3rd.  Arrive at Bro J. Peerys  --  I will remain here a week or two


Sunday 7th.  At S.S.l on Mulbery Creek  -- take dinner at Vance’s  --  Visit the sick this evening


Sept 1873, Wed 10th.  At Gordon’s  --  Spend the day


Fri 12th.  Go to Osage Mission this afternoon


Sat 13th.  Spend the day here   --  Go home to night


Sun 15th.  S.S. fore noon


Nov 16th.  At Mollie Hansons weding 6 P.M.


December 25th 1873.  At home.  Weather plesant.  Ten or fifteen friends take Christmas dinner with us  --  This evening  -- Spent at Lawler’s.  Music and other amusements  --  Pleasant time.


Wednesday Dec 31st 1873.  The present year is almost gone nor would we wish it to longer stay.  It has been a hard year.  Hard times  --  Poor crops & considerable sickness  --  Today spent at home


There is a love so fond so true,

No art the magic tie can sever;

Tis ever beauteous ever new; --

Its chain once linked is linked forever.


The year 1874 has begun bright and warm.  I spend the day at home suffering from cold.  Thanks to him who ruleth all things well  --  My life yet spared.


Sunday Jan 4th 1874.  Storm of sleet & snow last night.  This day one year ago I took dinner at Mr. Cunningham’s who I now esteem (here a corner of a page is missing)  (?) Friend walked home with me.  Long will (?) that ? last  -- Though that friend ? may (long erasure)  --  Spared our live & may we (unknown)  -- 


Let not autumn frosts and falling leaves,

Nor winters bleak storms mid brown bear trees

Nor springs pleasant bright genial rays



Chanute Kans  Oct 19, 1924


Fifty five years ago today I with my parents Bros Ben & John & Sister Martha arrived and settled on claim near Big Creek ten miles N.E. of this town (which was not even dreamed of then0.  The village of Leanna later grew up about two miles from where we settled.


We had to go twelve miles to Humboldt for our mail or any supply.  From creek to creek not a tree or bush but grass every where with trails here & there through it.  I was nineteen when we came – traveled overland in the covered waggon – Was three weeks & three days on the road from near Greenup Cumberland Co Ill – Camped out – Slept in wagon.


I am now 74 have been married 45 years mother of five children four living –2 boys—2 girls.  I like to meet one who lived here in those early days—We have a fellowship the people of to day can not comprehend  --  I do not kick on progress nor say the old days were better—comforts & convinences now are wonderfull and no doubt will yet improve --  We worked hard in the old day for what we got—but we did enjoy ourselves & what we had more than the people of to day do their excess of privilieges


I have been afflicted about 25 years  --  I do appreciate the comforts we have these days


July 29, 1925.  I was looking at a late map of automobile roads and had Nora get this book  -- thot I might locate the rout we came across Mo. Nearly 56 years ago.  Not much roads then.  We could not dream of the conveniences of to day.  I am thankfull for the pogress & comforts of this age  --  It is so good & easy to what it was when we were young.  (The phone is ringing & Nora comes to talk)  How wonderfull


October 21, 1929.  This afternoon I have been reading this little memoranda.  More than Sixty years ago it was begun.  There has been great change since then.  I wish I could have recorded many things I did not  --  Everything is so diffenent now.  If we could have dreamed of things as they are now we would have thought it not possible in this world.  Horseless carriage  --  Gass to Burn  --  Electicity for light & Power  --  Talk of friends far away & ect.  Too much for common mortals; and still we live  --  What next



The last page of the small brown-backed book is blank…..

Grandmother died March 23, 1933


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