Letter written by Ed Corman

 March 3, 1884

Ed is writing to James and Alice Young and as the custom of the time now refers to James as brother. I have the envelope and it is addressed to Mrs. J.B. Young, Humboldt, Kansas. Someone wrote on the envelope that the letter was answered on March 20, 1884. The postmark is Norway Oregon March 4, 1884. Someone also wrote "Tells of illness of Mother Young's mother from her brother Ed."

Norway Coos Co. Ogn
March 3rd, 1884

Dear Brother and Sister,

It is with a sad heart that I take my pen this morning to let you know that our Dear and beloved Mother has been lying on the bed of affliction since Nov. She has been getting very weak and feeble for more than a year and in Nov. was stricken down with paralysis loosing the use of her right arm. But she got the use of the arm partially. but otherwise has been perfectly helpless and is getting more feeble every day. And the time is not far distant when we will have to part with our Dear aged Mother for a while from this earth. Only to meet again where parting will be no more. May the memory of that Dear Mother ever remain green and fresh in the memory of those left behind. Grand Pa is not very strong and bears up with the affliction the best he can.

We have been long looking for letters from you but have not yet received any. My health is very poor and has been for sometime. Jennie is not very well either owing to so much to do and an uneasy mind. Eddie is planting potatoes today.

As Ever Yours,

E. Corman

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