Letter written by Isaac Corman
 July 4, 1862



Fort Larnard July 4th 1862



Dear Brother,


            I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines to let you know where we are and what We are doing. We are Camped At Fort Larnard three hundred Miles from Humboldt, where we arrived on the Second of July.  Making the trip is six days. When we arrived at Council Grove we learned that the

Command had been gone two days so we had to ride very hard to over take them, which we did Sunday afternoon on --Big Cotton Wood. We will remain here.


            My Love to all, Best respects to Dornbergh.  Three or four days to rest our selves and horses. I was in the advanced guard the day we arrived at the fort and I was so tired and sleepy that I came near falling from my horse three or four times. We saw buffalo by the hundred, but did not kill any as we were ordered here on a forced march from here to Fort Lyon a distance of two hundred and forty Miles we will make in fourteen Days as there is no hurry, we don't expect to go any Farther then Fort Lyon  this the most desolate. Looking place I ever Saw. It is high and dry and looks as if it never rained here.  Water and timber is very scarce. Hear you need not expect to hear from us till after we get to Fort Lyon as we will not have much of a chance to write on the road. You can write to

Edward and I and direct to fort Lyon C.T.


            We are well and I hope that you are all well.  Kiss Mary for me and tell her to Send Papa Kiss. Well no more at present, but remain your


Affectionate Brother


Isaac Corman


[Editor’s note:  The following is a note added to the original letter.   The best I can tell is that this is probably written by Jennie Casebeer  who later married Ed Corman who is a brother to Isaac.  (JSB)  Jennie's  family were neighbors to the Corman family.  The Dornberg mentioned was the family in which Isaac had married (He married Catherine – in 1867).  The Dornbergs were also neighbors.]


            Mother, I want you to bring my things down here. We are going to walk to town when it gets cool and come home in the morning. I want my clothes that I wore yesterday and the letters are in my trunk. Don't forget my guard and belt and pin and apron.





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