Letter written by Isaac Corman

 October 30, 1862

Fort Lyon C.T.  (C.T. is the Colorado Territory)
October 30th 1862

Dear father and mother.

I Take my pen in hand to write you a few lines.  If I can, but my hand is so unsteady that I can hardly tell what I am writing. I have been on the Sick Report for four weeks but I am getting pretty strong again.

I had the severest attack of the Colick I ever have had yet. They gave me sixty grams of ipicac and then I drank about three quarts of warm water, but it was all of now Euse (no use). I could not vomit.  I was very sick for a few days, but I am all right or would be, if I could hear from home.

I have not received a letter From any of you for seven Weeks and it is six weeks since Edward has got a letter. I would like too know why you don't write too Edward or I.  I think John or Allie might write if you and mama would.  We would like too hear From some of you.

Perhaps you Have Seen Capt. Doudna and he told you that he would have The Company ordered too the State but we have not received any such orders yet, nor don't expect any if we should be ordered away from hear too the State or any other place you may be sure that I will let You know it and tell where we are going two and I won't write here till you know that.

We are ordered to some other, place, there is only about thirty of the boys hear the rest of them are gone down the river about one hundred and fifty miles too escort a lot of indian goods. Edward is with them. They will either return in a few days or we will be ordered down their if we go that far east. I think that we will go to Leavenworth. If we leave here I will write next mail.

I have heard that every body was leaving and then I heard that they were all coming back again. So I don't know whether to believe it or not. I want you all to write and tell Jennie to write. I would write to her but I don't feel much like writing so I quit my love two you, and kiss Mary me.

I hope that you are all well.  And enjoying yourselves. No more at present, but remain your affectionate Son

Isaac Corman


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