Samuel and Jane Stonehocker

The son of Michael




        Samuel Stonehocker                                Jane (Elliott) Stonehocker



Samuel was born on January 15, 1820 in the White Eyes Township of Coshocton County, OH. He married Jane Elliott , a daughter of Irish immigrants, on Dec 1, 1842.  Samuel and Jane had nine children. One of the first recorded histories of Samuel shows that he served in the 143rd Ohio Infantry Regiment during the time of the Civil War. He would have been 44 years old at the time. The following is a record of the 143rd’s history.

143rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry National Guard Organized at Camp Chase, Ohio, and mustered in May 12, 1864. Left State for Washington, D.C., May 15. Guard duty at Forts Slemmer, Totten, Slocum and Stevens, attached to 1st Brigade, Haskins' Division, 22nd Army Corps, till June 8. Moved to White House Landing June 8, thence to Bermuda Hundred. Assigned to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 10th Army Corps, Army of the James. Duty in the trenches at Bermuda Hundred, City Point and Fort Pocohontas till August 29. Ordered to Camp Chase, Ohio, and mustered out September 13, 1864. Regiment lost during service 32 Enlisted men by disease. Total 32.

            The 1850 and 1860 census list Samuel as living in Coshocton County, Ohio with his occupation as being a farmer. Leaving his birth- state after the Civil War, Samuel moved to the Nodaway County, Missouri area in April of 1865 at the age of 45 (Source: Jane’s. obituary) . The 1870 and 1880 Censuses show Samuel as being in the Nodaway County area. His occupation is listed as being a farmer in both census.

The first recorded mention of Samuel in the Nodaway County  area is  when it is noted that land owned by Samuel and others was used to establish the town site of Barnard (Source: Barnard Bulletin Nov. 1925}. “The town was laid out by a town company consisting of A. P. Morehouse, A.J. Dearing, John McFarland, Samuel Stonehocker, ect….” And goes on to state “The first building was erected by Samuel Stonehocker in April, 1870.” At one point in the town history it is stated that “Samuel Stonehocker owns a paint shop on the west side going north on 4th Street.”  At another time it speaks of “Stonehocker Street.” The street still carries that name today. (Source: Barnard, It’s History” January 19, 1883 Nodaway Democrat.)

 On Jan. 25, 1871 the Nodaway Democrat  reports “ Not withstanding the hard times Barnard is improving, some four or five houses having been built in the last few days. Uncle Sammy Stonehocker , the kind and obliging host of the “Barnard House “ has just completed a large and commodious stable where tired and hungry horses will be well cared for.” Later in 1872 on April 24th the same paper reports “ Uncle Sam Stonehocker is prepared to furnish the best accommodations and good grub for the way-worn traveler. The next month on May 1st the paper makes mention that “The Masonic festival and ball given at Barnard on last Thursday, (day and evening) was a complete success being well attended, and one of the most enjoyable entertainments given in this section in a long time. All night long the ball was crowded with the merry dancers, keeping time to the witching music of the band. At 12 o’clock at night a splendid supper was spread at the Barnard Hotel, kept by Uncle Sam Stonehocker, and full justice was done to the good things provided for the occasion. After supper a fine cake was voted to the handsomest young lady in the room, and it was awarded to Miss. Sarah Ann Stonehocker, daughter of the worthy landlord of the hotel …”




An early day map of Barnard, Missouri. Notice that Stonehocker Street appears on the map. Stonehocker Street is still in Barnard, Missouri today.


Samuel and Jane surely celebrated the marriage of their children as all but one of their children married in the Barnard area.


          In 1882 (Source: Nodaway Democrat Sept. 20, 1888 and Jane’s obituary) Samuel and Jane moved to the Elk County, Kansas area staying but a couple of years before moving on to Ashland, Kansas in 1885.

          Their youngest son, Samuel Ackerman was doing a very good business in that area.  The western Kansas area had long been range for the cattle herders until settlers began to arrive in the 1880s.Samuel would have been in his mid 60’s by that time. Records at the Clark County court house show that Samuel purchased “Lots 13-15 Blk 3 Longs add to Ashland in March of 1893 from G. W. Wilson and sold the lots on July 14, 1896 to J.W. Thomas.”


          No further information has been discovered as of this writing concerning Samuel and Jane’s life in Ashland, Kansas. It is assumed that they most likely moved there to be near their youngest son, Samuel Ackerman Stonehocker. “S.A.”, as Samuel Ackerman was known, had lived in the area for many years previous to their arriving and had done quite well in many business ventures. Jane would pass away on Dec. 8, 1894 and be buried in the Highland Cemetery.

It is known that Samuel made one last trip back to the town that he helped establish when on July 4th 1895 the Nodaway Democrat reported that “Uncle Sammy Stonehocker, Barnard’s first boniface, arrived here Tuesday

 for an extended visit in this locality. His home is in Ashland, Kansas. He left here thirteen

years ago. He is the same old

Uncle Sammy of yore, when

Barnard was young, wild and



    (As printed in the Nodaway Democrat.)



          After Jane’s death, Samuel’s son, S.A. would leave the Ashland area and open a hardware store in Corbin, Kansas. It might be assumed that Samuel would live much of his last years in S.A.’s home since the 1900 census records Samuel as living with him there.

          The Wellington-Monitor Press  began to report in April of 1901 that “Grampa Stonehocker is quite proorly.”


It again makes mention of Samuel’s condition in a later newspaper that month. Finally on April 24, 1901 the paper states that “Grandpa Stonehocker died Monday…at 4:20 o’clock after a lingering illness. He was a kind old gentleman and well liked by all. He bore his illness with out a murmur. His remains were sent via Santa Fe (Railroad) to Ashland, Clark County to be interred beside his wife who died some eight years ago. His son S.A. Stonehocker, accompanied…



Printed as appeared in the Wellington Monitor.







The Children of Samuel and Jane Stonehocker









Death Date

/ Location

Robert B.

About 1847

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio

18 Jan 1866

Elizabeth J Porter

8 Feb 1893

Nodaway County, Mo

John Thomas

5 Oct 1844

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio

10 Nov 1874

Rebecca A Snyder

28 Feb 1914 Sumner Co., Ks

Joseph Henry


6 Oct 1846

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio

16 Aug 1866

Lydia A Billings

15 Jan 1931

Sumner Co., Kansas

Martha Ellen

17 Mar 1850

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio

2 Feb 1869

John David Fanning

26 May 1940 Maryville, Nodaway County, Mo

Sarah Milissa

26 Dec 1854

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio

12 Nov 1879

Robert James Wallace

2 Dec 1936

Hill City, Ks

Charles Fremont

12 May 1856

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio

12 May 1875

Nancy Jackson/

Alice Virginia Six

7 Oct 1937

Salt Lake City, Utah

Samuel Ackerman

 (S..A.) also known as (Doc)


10 Nov 1858

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio

2 June 1892

Della Barley

23 Dec 1949

Wilder, Idaho

Infant daughter Stonehocker

8 Feb 1862

White Eyes Township / Coshocton County, Ohio



16 Feb 1862

Coshocton Co. Oh









Left: Memorial Card from Samuel’s funeral.

Bottom Left: Samuel’s tombstone.

Bottom Right: Jane’s tombstone.






Obituary of Samuel

It is known that many facts of Samuel’s life is not accurately stated in his obituary, however it is printed here as it appeared in the local newspaper at the time of his death.

(Reprinted as it appeared in the Ashland Clipper newspaper April 18, 1901)


STONEHOCKER- Samuel Stonehocker was

Born in Ohio, the 15th of January 1820; departed this life at Corbin Kansas

April 15th 1901; aged 81 years and three months. Deceased leaves six children to mourn his death - four girls and two boys. Mr. Stonehocker resided in this county for a number of years and was one of our most highly respected citizens. He was an honored member of the G.A.R. Post at this place and was laid to rest by his comrades with the honors

Of a soldier. The interment took place this morning, the 18th, the body being laid

Away in the cemetary on the hill, where his beloved wife was laid away in 1893.




Obituary of Jane Stonehocker
(Reprinted as it appeared in the Ashland Clipper newspaper on Dec. 14 1894)
On last Saturday, Dec 8, at 12:35 o'clock p.m., Mrs. Jane Elliott Stonehocker died at their home in this city. There were present of the family, Mrs. J. H. Stonehocker and daughter, of Sumner County. and S.A. Stonehocker and wife of this county. Deceased was born in Ireland in January 1822, and was therefore 72 yrs and 11 months old at the time of Her death. She removed with her parents to Coshocton County Ohio in 1829, And was married to Samuel Stonehocker Dec .1, 1842. There were born of this union five sons, and four daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Stonehocker removed with their family in April, 1865, to Nodaway Co. Mo, and from thence to Elk County and finally to Clark County, May 1885. Mrs. Stonehocker leaves a husband, four sons and two daughters to mourn the loss of  wife and mother. She had been a member of the Old School Presbyterian church for 51 years at the time of her departure, and after a dutiful life she fell asleep by the "gates of light" peacefully in a saviors love. Grandma Stonehocker may not have been immaculate, but her heart ever opened with a benevolent fullness to earth's unfortunate and was warmed by a generous ray of  philanthrophy. Shw was passed to that bonrne(sic) from whence no traveler has yet returned, but her memory will quicken the pulse of her aged husband, and be a tender recollection in the hearts of her surviving children.
Peace be to the voiceless clay of the old mother's in Isreal who pass the portals in the angel song, "Peace on earth good will toward men."



The parents, brothers and sisters of Jane (Elliot) Stonehocker
Jane's parents were Robert Elliott, born abt.1794 in Ireland, died 28 May, 1859 Coshocton Co Ohio. His wife was Eleanor, also born in Ireland  (MNU).
Children were:
Jane born Jan. 1822 Ireland
Thomas born 2 June 1823 Ireland died 11 Dec 1890 Coshocton Ohio
Sarah born abt. 1825
Eleanor b. 0ct 12, 1825 Ireland died 15 April 1852 Ohio
John b. abt. 1827 Ohio
Elizabeth b. 15 May 1829 Ohio died 24 June 1876 Ohio
Nancy b. 11 Feb 1831 Ohio d. March 30 1908 (Hopkins Journal) married 
Samuel McFarland in 1860 (Ohio) they are both buried in Nodaway Co. She had no
children with Sam, but helped raise his children from his first marriage.
Martha b. abt 1834 Ohio d. 17 Feb 1857 Ohio.


Known residence of Samuel Stonehocker


       Born in White Eyes Township of Coshocton County Ohio

       Lived in Nodaway County, Missouri

      Lived in Elk County, Kansas

     Died in Corbin, Kansas

       Buried in Ashland, Kansas