1880 U. S. Census for Clark County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Cimmerron? Valley    in the County of Clark, State of Kansas
Date: June 9, 1880   Enumerator: A. M. Nolman?   SD: 2   ED: 376 Page: 8 Publication: T9 Roll: 376

The census is very hard to read.

Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Sex  Race Age Mo/Born   Relation   MSWD  Profession  Birthplace        Father BP     Mother BP
Choat, L. A. M W 45 S Cattle Raising Mass Mass Mass
Piry?, George M W 22 S Cattler Herding Conn Conn Conn
Wurt?, William M W 24 S Cattler Herding ??? ??? ???


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