1900 U. S. Census for Clark County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Appleton Township in the County of Clark, State of Kansas
Date: 19 June 1900   Enumerator: William S. Easton   SD: 7   ED: 29 Page 39A


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

F/D Name Relation   S/R Age MSWD  Birth Place Father BP Mother BP Occupation
113/113 Jones, Maurice E. Dau FW 10 S OH OH OH At School
            Lura A. Dau FW 6 S OK OH OH  
            Margarett F. Dau FW 5 S OK OH OH  
114/114 Bryan, John Head MW 38 M-2 OH OH OH Merchant
            Roena Wife FW 25 M-2 MO MO MO  
            Frank H. Son MW 1 S OK OH MO  
115/115 Holaday, Rollins Head MW 30 M-9 OH OH OH RR Agent
               Hellen Wife FW 25 M-9 IL OH OH  
               Harry C. Son MW 7 S KS OH IL  
               William W. Son MW 5 S KS OH IL  
               Ruth Dau FW 3 S KS OH IL  
               Florence Dau FW 1 S KS OH IL  
116/116 Easton, William Head MW 51 M-29 OH England VA Stock Farmer
              Sarah A. Wife FW 50 M-29 OH OH OH  
              Otho Son MW 23 S OH OH OH Farm Laborer
              Bess Dau FW 20 S OH OH OH  

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