1900 U. S. Census for Clark County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Englewood Township (Englewood City)   in the County of Clark, State of Kansas
Date: 1 June 1900   Enumerator: William S. Easton   SD: 7   ED: 29 Sheet: 1 Publication: T623 Roll: 474


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

F/D Name Relation   S/R Age MSWD  Birth Place Father BP Mother BP Occupation
14/14 Martin, Annie J. Dau FW 4 S MO MO MO
            Selector Father MW 69 Wd IL VA KY
15/15 Abbott, Rachel E. Head FW 52 Wd MO NC TN Shoe Maker
            Martha E. Dau FW 13 S MO MO KY Servant
            Mary E. Dau FW 11 S MO MO KY At School
            Stella E. Dau FW 7 S MO MO KY
16/16 Abbott, James H.? Head MW 36 M-10 IN IN IN Merchant
             Fannie I. Wife FW 38 M-10 IL IN IN
17/17 Doyle, John Head MW 36 M-10 IL Ireland Ireland Salesman
           Anna E. Wife FW 37 M-10 IL Ireland Ireland
           Stacie Dau FW 10 S IL IL IL At School
           Mary Dau FW 8 S IL IL IL
           Charles Son MW 6 S IL IL IL
           Alford Son MW 2 S IL IL IL
18/18 Hill, Thomas Head MW 33 M-2 IL Ireland Ireland Confactory?
       Elizabeth Wife FW 24 M-2 England England England
       Rose Dau FW 1 S KS IL England
         Lawrence Son MW 3/12 S KS IL England
19/19 Thorpe, John Head MW 33 M-13 England England England Railroad
             Mary A. Wife FW 27 M-13 KS IN IN
             George C. Son MW 12 S KS England KS At School
             William J. Son MW 9 S KS England KS
             James A. Son MW 7 S KS England KS
             Walter R. Son MW 5 S KS England KS
             Clora Dau FW 3 S KS England KS
             Robert C. Son MW 6/12 S KS England KS
20/20 McClarks?, William Head MW 50 M-28 MO IN OH Railroad
                  Mary Wife FW 45 M-28 MO Ireland CA
21/21 Goble, John Head MW 24 M-2 KS NC NC Salesman
           Era D. Wife FW 22 M-2 KY TN KY
22/22 Butts, John C. Head MW 51 M-17 IN Germany PA Farmer
           Mary S. Wife FW 39 M-17 MO GA TN
           Harry C. Son MW 15 S KS IN MO At School
           Alford C. Son MW 12 S KS IN MO At School
           Myrtle S. Dau FW 7 S KS IN MO
           Muriel S. Dau FW 7 S KS IN MO
23/23 Lee, Ford J. Head MW 45 M-21 KY KY KY Merchant
       Martha C. Wife FW 39 M-21 KY IN KY
       Robert E. Son MW 18 S KS KY KY At School
       Kate T. Dau FW 16 S KS KY KY At School
       Harry E. Son MW 13 S KS KY KY At School
       Ester Dau FW 11 S KS KY KY At School
       Merret? Son MW 5 S KS KY KY
       Ruth Dau FW 3 S KS KY KY
24/24 Buttes, Lewis? Head MW 48 M-23 TN KY KY Butcher
            Clora B. Wife FW 44 M-23 KY KY KY
            William T. Son MW 19 S KY TN KY At School
            Sarah T. Dau FW 14 S KY TN KY At School
            ??oon C. Son MW 10 S KY TN KY At School
            Owen P. Son MW 8 S KY TN KY

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