1900 U. S. Census for Clark County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Englewood Township in the County of Clark, State of Kansas
Date: 4 June 1900   Enumerator: William S. Easton   SD: 7   ED: 29 Sheet: 3 Publication: T623 Roll: 474


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

F/D Name Relation   S/R Age MSWD  Birth Place Father BP Mother BP Occupation
48/48 Stuart, Stephen Head MW 51 M-23 IN MS IN Carpenter
            Janie A. Wife FW 44 M-23 IN PA OH
            James B. Son MW 20 S IN IN IN Carpenter
            Laura D. Dau FW 18 S IN IN IN
            Roscoe C. Son MW 16 S IN IN IN At School
            Maud M. Dau FW 15 S IN IN IN At School
            Sadie J. Dau FW 13 S KS IN IN At School
            Joseph R. Son MW 12 S KS IN IN At School
            Virgil R. Son MW 9 S KS IN IN At School
49/49 McKinley, George Head MW 33 M-2 KS IL KS Farm Laborer
                Alva Wife FW 28 M-2 KS OH PA
                Alger L. Son MW 3 S MO KS KS
Wells, James Boarder MW 33 S TN TN TN Jeweler
50/50 Perry, Clarsa? Head MW 53 M-27 NY NY NY Stock Farmer
           Eva R. Wife FW 51 M-27 IL PA NY
           Hellen Dau FW 26 S IL NY IL
           Levi B. Son MW 24 S IL NY IL Stock Farmer
Ross, Luargtis? L. Mother-in-law FW 72 W NY VT NY
51/51 Robertson, Thomas? Head MW 30 M-4 MO TN MO Farm Laborer
                   Mary I.? Wife FW 24 M-4 MO MO MO
                   Paul Son MW 2 S MO MO MO
Thomas?, Albert Boarder MW 22 S IN IN IN Farm Laborer
Thomas, Alford Boarder MW 20 S IN IN IN Farm Laborer
Roberts, Henry L. Boarder MW 24 M IL IL MO Farm Laborer
Jones, Robert Boarder MW 22 S TN NY MS Farm Laborer
Bagby, Jason Boarder MW 18 S TX MO TX Farm Laborer
Mathews?, Chas Boarder MW 22 S IL IL IL Farm Laborer
52/52 Lombest, James Head MW 53 M-12 IL IN IN Farm Laborer
                Augusta M. Wife FW 41 M-12 NC NC Unk
53/53 Tucker, Charles M. Head MW 57 M-13 OH OH OH Farm Laborer
             Adda S. Wife FW 42 M-13 IA OH IN
             Frederic L. Son MW 12 S KS OH IA At School
             Ethel M. Dau FW 10 S KS OH IA At School
             Lee E. Son MW 5 S OK OH IA
             Willard M. Son MW 4 S KS OH IA
54/54 Smith, Francis Head MW 32 M-13 PA NY RI Farmer
           Janie M. Wife FW 29 M-13 PA PA PA
55/55 Jones, George W. Head MW 46 M-20 IL OH OH Farm Laborer
            Sarah E. Wife FW 37 M-20 IN OH IN
            Roy R. Son MW 19 S KS IL IN Farm Laborer
            Jesse R. Son MW 17 S KS IL IN Farm Laborer
            Lucy A. Dau FW 15 S KS IL IN At School
            George W. Son MW 13 S OK IL IN At School
Hickman, W. J. Boarder MW 54 M MO KY KY
Doyden?, John Boarder MW 29 S TN TN TN Farm Laborer
Ford, Ernest M. Boarder MW 26 S MO MO MO Farm Laborer
Martin, William Boarder MW 26 S MO IL IL Farm Laborer
56/56 Hanson?, Audra? Head MW 35 M-15 KS Norway Norway Farmer
                Mary E. Wife FW 33 M-15 IL IL IL
                Bertha Dau FW 13 S MO KS IL At School

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