Clark County Clipper, September 26, 1901


A Double Elopement.

From the best we can learn Lexington had a society item last week.

Wednesday Probate Judge Snyder received an invitation to go up to the Lexington school house and marry Miss Emma Morrison to Mr. Jesse Marley and Miss Maud Jett to Mr. Pearl Morrison.  Mr. Snyder knew the extreme youth of the girls, the former being only 15 years old and the latter about 13 or 14, but thinking it was a public wedding at the schoolhouse be obeyed the summons.  Upon arriving at the appointed place, he found nobody but the engaged parties and, knowing no good reason why he should not perform the ceremony, he married them.

Immediately after the ceremony both couples took their departure and we have not heard of them since.

I understand that the parents of both the girls were opposed to the marriage.  Henry Morrison, father of Miss Morrison, and H. C. Jett, father of Miss Jett, are prosperous farmers of Lexington township.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ September 30, 2005.



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