Clark County Clipper, December 13, 1928


Friends of Fred Loesch, who formerly resided on a farm near Sitka, will be surprised to learn that he has fallen a victim of cupid's dart.  He was married October 13, 1928, in the study of the First Baptist church, Trinidad, Colorado, to Miss Margaret Ann Josephine Bentley, of Clayton, New Mexico.  The wedding ceremony was spoken by the Rev. Mr. Bennet, pastor of the church.  Mrs. Loesch had formerly lived in Booker, Texas, where she met Fred.  Last spring the lady became a resident of Clayton with the reservation that she would later return to Booker as a bride.  She is described as a charming lady and is congratulated upon her choice of a husband.  Fred is an energetic and prosperous farmer and stock raiser and is both able and willing to bring home the "bacon, " hence the new household will always be provided with good things of life.  Clark county friends extend congratulations and good wishes.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ November 2, 2005.


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