Clark County Clipper, November 20, 1884


Tuesday, Nov. 11, by Justice Ly Brand at the Wright House in Dodge City, Mr. Charles Ward to Miss Alice Dudley.

Getting married here, is more trouble than in most places, as it forty-five miles to the county seat.  This, however seems to be no impediment to those matrimonially inclined.  They just simply "say nothing to nobody," get ready, drive to Dodge, and in for or five days, return as man and wife and at once move upon their claim.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward wasted no time but began house keeping the day they returned.  We wish them unbounded prosperity and hope to see the "shanty on the claim" as radiant with happiness as though it were a mansion.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 27, 2005.



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