Clark County Clipper, October 21, 1886

Another Killing In No Man's Land.

Last week we noticed the shooting of Bender by Charlie Rockhold, near Neutral City.  Rockhold, after being released here, on Thursday morning returned to the strip and stopped that night at the sod house of Mr. Esreld to stay all night; three women and a number of children were occupants.  About 10 o'clock at night an armed mob surrounded the house and began firing into it.  Rockhold called a parley and got them to let the women and children pass out, but they told him plainly that they were going to kill him.  The bombardment was kept up nearly all night.  Rockhold answering back with his pistols.  The mob approached the house on a side where there was no opening and finally after tearing off part of the sod roof succeeded in setting the wooden part on fire.  During the operation of setting the house on fire a Mr. Vandevinter walked past a small window in the house when Rockhold shot him through the bowels from which he died next day.  When Rockhold saw the roof ready to fall in and it was certain death to remain he started for the door where he was met by a load of buckshot, two of them lodging in his face, but in his night clothes with pistols in hand he ran for a canyon, followed by a shower of buckshot, one lodging in the back of his head and another in his back.  He ran to the residence of a Mr. Forsher, three quarters of a mile, the mob following.  When day light come on Rockhold surrendered on the promise of a fair trail.  After all day a posse brought him here Friday night and turned him over to the authorities.  Rockhold, though badly shot, is able to get around.  The above statement we get from Rockhold himself.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 29, 2005.



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