Clark County Clipper, May 1, 1902.


The Meade papers last week contained an account of another shooting at that place but in this instance it was an innocent bystander who was shot.  It seems that Homer Lanam, with whom some of the people of this county have had considerable trouble, and brother Jess have been bootlegging whiskey at Meade.  On Tuesday the 22nd, Homer "tanked up" and began talking loud, whereupon the city marshall attempted to have him desist, but instead Homer drew his gun, which the marshall grabbed and drawing his own gun began firing at Lanam, one shot striking the latter just over the heart, but the range being too close the ball lodged in a handkerchief in Lanam's pocket.  Another shot struck Ed Kragh who was standing up the street a short distance.

On the next day warrants were issued for both the Lanams, but after the sheriff had arrested Jess he was unable to take his gun from him, whereupon a posse headed by R. W. Griggs started toward the house in which the sheriff held the prisoner, to take the gun from the latter.  Jess then took a couple shots at Griggs who returned the fire with a Winchester, cutting the door casing near Lanam's head.  Lanam then ran out and attempted to escape but the posse finally surrounded him and took him in.

Now those Lanam boys have cost this part of the county about enough money, and they have been advised to become better citizens and to behave themselves all of which they seem to refuse to do, and it is gratifying to note that the citizens of Meade are starting in to stop their outlawry.

It seems that everybody at Meade carry guns except the sheriff, and when it comes that the sheriff can't disarm a prisoner it is about time for a change.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 4, 2005.

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