Clark County Clipper, November 9, 1905

Card of Thanks.

Being so far recovered from the recent long and hard siege of fever as to be able to be at my desk part of the time, I want to now thank Dr. Taylor for his skill and careful attention; I want to thank Dublin Sughrue who cared for me thru the most critical period; I want to thank my sister, Mrs. Mitchell, for a sister's care, and the many friends who made anxious inquiry when not allowed in the sick room, and the many more who made inquiry by mail and otherwise, and those who so kindly assisted John Walden with the paper, and the many friends who have so heartily expressed their gladness of my recovery since I have been able to be up, I want to thank them all, for many of these valued favors cannot be paid for in cash.  And I do not want to forget to thank those ladies for the sweet flowers.  I am so thankful that they died keep them to put on my coffin.  As it was, they were a delight when if placed on my coffin they would be of little use.  Let us give the flowers to the living.

H. C. Mayse.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 10, 2005.


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