Ashland Clipper, July 17, 1913

George W. Curtis, Civil War Veteran.

A Birthday Party.


On July 15th, 1913, occurred the 86th birthday of Mr. George W. Curtis, an old Mexican Soldier, and veteran of the Civil War, the father of Mrs. M. G. Stevenson.  Invitations were sent out to all the old soldiers of the town and vicinity, to assemble at the home of Mrs. Stevenson in honor of her father's birthday, and to partake of a six o'clock dinner.  Fifteen of the old boys responded and to say that they were totally entertained would be putting it very mildly.  The contrast between the grub of war times, and the feast to which the boys were invited to sit down to was so great that it was feared the Ambulance Corps would have to be called in to help some of the old fellows home, for it certainly was a feast fit for the gods, but fortunately they were able with a little assistance to rise from the table and Mr. Stevenson was not required to trot out his hearse although through it all he remained near at hand in case any such exigency should arise.  If any one came away from that table without his heart being filled with gratitude (and his stomach with grub) to Mrs. Stevenson and the two young ladies who so ably assisted her, his name is not on the Roster of the G. A. R.   Those who responded to the invitation, and whose hearts were made glad by the kindly consideration shown them by the hostess were: Daniel Snyder, David Deffenbaugh, W. H. Swayze, Byron Clark, Isaac N. Cassity, W. N., Wallingford, Manford Brown, F. R. Kerns, John H. Brown, Jacob Haindel, John Good, David Santee, H. V. Ingram, J. H. Sawyers and A. B. McNickle with Comrade Curtis, sixteen in all, their combined ages 1171 years or an average of about 73 years.  Comrade Curtis at 86 being the oldest and H. V. Ingram, 65 the youngest.  Two out of the number had received wounds during their service.

We most heartily wish for Comrade Curtis many more returns of his birthday and for Mrs. Stevenson we voice the sentiment of all when we say, we most earnestly pray that sixteen more stars may be added to her crown of glory.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 5, 2005.

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