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The Wilmore News, May 15, 1931


Clark County Men Take Initiative In What May Become A National Movement.

Again Clark county has distinguished herself through the action of some of her progressive wheat farmers, who have started a movement to withhold wheat from the market until they can sell at one dollar per bushel.

In Minneola on the evening of April 29th the preliminary organization for the United States Wheat Growers Union was effected with George B. Rooney, wheat grower, banker and elevator owner, as temporary head.

The tentative program at the members is to hold the 1931 wheat crop until it brings a dollar a bushel and to plant no wheat in 1932 until the dollar market for the 1931 crop is a reality.

A committee including Mr. Rooney, Tom Blair, Chester Young, C. E. Shelton and Harold McEwen have the organization work for the southwest in hand.  The plan is to obtain a Kansas state charter and require a contract for members binding them to keep their wheat off the market until they can sell for a dollar a bushel or more.  It is said that at the Minneola meeting a million and a half bushels was represented.  The results of this new movement will be watched with interest, and more especially by Clark county folks because the movement was initiated here.  (Clark County Clipper)

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ on August 4, 2004.


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