Clark County Clipper, April 30, 1885

A Fatal Accident.

We learned from Dr. J. M. Faris the following particulars in regard to the sad and accidental killing of his wife, which occurred twenty-three miles south of here, on last Friday, about twelve o'clock.  Dr. Faris and his wife in company with I. M. Mesick and S. A. Smith, were moving from Ft. Reno, where they had spent the winter, to Dodge City, and stopped for dinner on the little creek just north of the Buffalo stage ranch.  After the horses were taken from the wagon Smith called to Mrs. Faris to reach him the bell to put on the horses.  Dr. Faris was stooping down to hang the horse collars on the wagon reach.  Mesick, who was standing by the wagon, said he could find the bell, and jumped up on the wagon tongue and was climbing into the wagon.  Mrs. Faris remarked, "Here's this old gun, I'll have to throw it out before I can get anything."  She picked it up and was putting it out at the side of the wagon, between the wagon box and the sheet, stock foremost, when the hammer came in contact with the wheel, causing the load to be discharged.  The gun was loaded with turkey shot, and a portion of the load passed through her left hand and entered the abdomen, ranging upwards, causing death in a few minutes.  The doctor hearing the report, ran around the wagon to where the sheet was tied up, and heard his wife say to him, "it has killed me," the only words she spoke after the discharge of the gun.  Word was sent to Ashland for a coffin, and on Saturday the remains were brought here and buried in the Clark burying ground.  The deceased was 22 years old, and had been married six years.  Her home before she was married was in Benton county, Arkansas.  She has relatives living in Granby, Mo., also at Oakland City, Ind.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 27, 2005.



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