Clark County Clipper, June 25, 1885

A Fatal Shooting Scrape.

A fatal shooting scrape occurred this morning about five miles southwest of town, which resulted in the killing of Julius Muret and wounding of Ira M. Lindley, by Wm. Kirchival.  Kirchival came in town about 9 o'clock this morning in company with C. G. Clounch and gave himself up to Sheriff Sughrue, and told what he had done.  Drs. Parks and Taylor, in company with Deputy Sheriff Andy Wade, went to the scene of action.  Our reporter, in company with Chas. Graham, was soon on the ground where the difficulty occurred, and found the dead man laid out on a bed and the wounded man suffering considerably with an ugly wound in his left arm.

No preliminary hearing has been had and the coroner's inquest will be had this afternoon, so we cannot give the particulars of the affair.  But it seems the difficulty arose over a "claim" which both parties wanted.  This morning Julius Muret, Ira M. Lindley, C. G. Clounch and William Kirchival met on the disputed claim when a difficulty arose, during which Kirchival drew his revolver, a 32 caliber , and shot Muret twice in the breast, one ball entering the breast, killing him instantly.  He then shot Lindley in the arm, near the elbow.  The doctors were unable to find the ball, but, after carefully examining the wound, think that it is not necessarily dangerous.

The deceased was about 35 years old and leaves a wife and two small children.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 27, 2005.



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