Clark County Clipper, August 12, 1886

Killed by the Marshall.

Early this morning our people were shocked by the news that Fred Edwards the City Marshall of Englewood had shot and killed John Folley in that city this morning about 2 o'clock.  Geo. N. Norwich came up from there early this morning after the Coroner and Sheriff, from him we get the following particulars.  An old grudge existed between Folley and Edwards.  Yesterday a cowboy acquaintance of Folley's came into town and was sitting talking to Folley when Marshall Edwards stepped up and requested the cowboy to take off his gun as it was against the city ordinance, which the boy did.  Folley flew into a passion at his friend being disarmed by a d--d greaser, as he termed, and swore he would never be disarmed by a d--d Mexican and proceeded to give the marshal a berating, but the matter was dropped or hushed up.  A grand skating carnival and ball took place in at the rink last night, and at the close about 2 o'clock, Folley escorted a Miss Savage home and in returning passed in the rear of a block of buildings when he was assaulted and killed by Edwards.  At the first shot Mr. Jim Davison who was sleeping in a rear room ran out and heard Folley cry out "for Gods sake don't," when five more shots were fired in quick succession killing Folley instantly.  Edwards gave himself up and in under arrest.  Sheriff Sughrue and Coroner Taylor went down this morning.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 29, 2005.



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