Clark County Clipper, July 22, 1886


Tuesday evening about 6 o'clock our quiet little city was greatly excited by the killing of Clinton Richey by Sheriff Sughrue.  Although done by an officer of the law in doing what he supposed to be his duty, it adds another to the many dark stains on the record of our fair county.

Tuesday morning warrants were sworn out before Squire Beaty for the arrest of Amos Bush, Clinton Richey and William Jones, of this city, charged with selling liquor in violation of the state prohibition law.  The warrants were placed in the hands of Sheriff Sughrue, who after deputizing City Marshall Conway as an assistant, proceeded to arrest all three of the parties.  Squire Beaty fixed their bonds at $500 each.  Amos Bush and William Jones gave bond and were released.  Richey, when asked by the sheriff if he wanted to give bail said he wanted to see Amos Bush, Hez Frost and others, and accompanied by the sheriff went to Bush's billiard hall.  They walked through and out on to a small porch at the back upon which opened a door to a small back room.  Richey went into the room and shut the door leaving the sheriff on the outside talking to George Jinkins, from the D Cross ranch.  The shed room has a window on the east, and out of this Richey jumped and ran north around the rear of the State Bank and through the building occupied by Johnson & Gould, closely pursued by Sheriff Sughrue, who was calling "halt," and "Stop that man."  After passing through on to Main street.  Richey turned south and ran down in front of the State Bank and billiard hall, the sheriff still pursued and called "Stop, or I'll kill you,"  and shot just as Richey turned around the billiard hall, without hitting him.  Richey ran on to the rear and south of the hall where his horse was hitched and untying him was attempting to get on when Shurgue turned the front and fired the fatal shot.  The ball (a 45 caliber) entered the back cutting the left shoulder blade and came out just above the collar bone, cutting the jugular vein.  The horse then jerked loose and Richey clapped both hands on his breast and walked back to the back door of the building and after being helped up inside fell and died in a few minutes without speaking.  The deceased was about 24 years of age, and a quiet unassuming man.  He came here about the first of May.

Coroner Taylor impaneled the following jury, viz:  A. Hughes, H. Endicott, O. P. Cooper, Theo. Nolf, D. F. Bert, and W. A. Griffin.  The jury elicited the above facts and after examining fourteen witnesses and then consulting for about six hours, returned the verdict:  "Clinton Richey came to his death from a shot from a pistol in the hands of Michael Sughrue, sheriff."

Immediately after the shooting Sughrue gave himself up to Squire Beaty who released him on his own recognizance.

Richey's mother lives in Pittsburg, Crawford county, this state, and he also has some relatives in Green county, Ill.  John Glenn and other friends here telegraphed to both places and not hearing, yesterday afternoon buried the body neatly and nicely in the city cemetery.  Rev. C. R. Robinson conducted appropriate funeral exercises.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 28, 2005.



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