Clark County Clipper, July 16, 1885

Killed by His Father for a Thief.

From S. E. Watson we learn the particulars of the sad killing of Arthur Smith, a boy 10 years old, by his father, W. S. Smith, near the 76 ranch, Monday night.  It seems after the rain had ceased Arthur got up and went out doors without speaking to or waking the balance of the family, a very unusual thing for him to do, and in returning had some difficulty in opening the door and made several attempts to open it, which awoke his father, who, thinking it was a burglar, caught up his gun, a 50 caliber Sharpe's rifle, which was in reach, and fired at the sound at the door.  The ball passed through the door and struck the boy in the right breast passing clear through him.  The poor boy screamed and the father realized the terrible mistake he had made.  Dr. Parks went out early Tuesday to see the little sufferer but could afford no relief, and he breathed his last between two and three o'clock Tuesday evening.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 27, 2005.



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