Clark County Clipper, July 8, 1886


John Nelson a quiet orderly young man was murdered a few miles south of Protection in Comanche county; last Tuesday.  The foul deed is supposed to have been done by one Geo. B. Reymer.

It seems young Nelson who had been married only a short time was still living with his father Joseph Nelson, and on their place was a very fine patch of sand plums, which they were trying to protect for their own use.  On Sunday Geo. Reymer living with a Mr. Willis near by, went into the patch and was helping himself, when the old gentleman requested him not to do so, and on Monday it was repeated with a like result.  On Tuesday morning the old gentleman went out with a surveying party, and during the forenoon young Nelson walked out to Protection as his family thought, but instead went to the plum patch where he was found dead in the evening.  He had been shot from the front with a Winchester ball that passed through his hand and breast.  People near by heard the shot and saw Reymer walk hurriedly away with a Winchester in his hand, but suspected nothing wrong.  He went to Mr. Willis where he lived, rested a short time and then walked off with his gun.  Sheriff Bowers of Comanche county has offered a reward of $50, for the arrest of the supposed murderer, and describes him as about 22 years old, height 5 feet 9 in., weight 160 pounds, dark hair, grey eyes, dark complexion and wore a suit of dark colored clothes.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 28, 2005.



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