Clark County Clipper, October 21, 1886

Old Soldiers Reunion.

At a meeting of the old soldiers in this city last Saturday, Oct. 16, it was decided to have a grand reunion during the coming county fair on the 27, 28, and 29 for the purpose of perfecting the permanent organization of a G. A. R. post and to have a reunion in connection with the fair.  All old soldiers urgently requested to attend.  The following foraging committee was appointed, viz:

H. V. Hardwick, Bluff Creek; B. W. Hall, Lexington; D. T. Deffenbaugh, Day; Capt. Jenks, Cimmaron; H. B. Wakefield, Edwards; J. J. Kennedy, Ashland; W. M. Hale, Letitia; E. N. Hall, Appleton; Mr. Riley, Leustrom; S. Trump, Vesta; V. W. Bugbee, Englewood; A. F. Harmer, Cash City.

The duties of this committee is to collect supplies and tents.

Committee on tents - J. P. Faber, W. E. Brown, Frank Hall.

Capt. J. P. Faber, Quarter Master.

R. J. Lowery, Quarter Master Sergeant.

All tents and supplies to be supplied to Capt. Faber at Ashland if possible by the 27th.

The officer of the day and commander in charge to be elected on the fair ground by the old soldiers.  Appleton and Englewood papers please copy.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 29, 2005.



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