Clark County Clipper, March 11, 1898


A Shooting Scrape.

A rather serious shooting affray took place on the street of our city yesterday in which James Murphy and S. P. Mitchell were wounded.  Murphy was shot in the right leg just above the knee and also received a flesh wound across the abdomen.  Mitchell received a flesh wound in the left forearm and a shot through the upper part of the ear.  Every one will sympathize with Mr. Murphy, as he was the messenger of peace, and was endeavoring to reconcile the assailants when shot.

On Tuesday evening Henry Montgomery came up from Englewood on business and during the evening stepped into Mayse Bros. store, when Mitchell met him and began talking about a business matter which brought on hot words and resulted in blows.  Mitchell inflicting a rather ugly wound near Montgomery's eye.  Montgomery swore vengeance and returned yesterday, and as usual, soon the air was full of all kinds of talk which was carried back and forth to the parties.  About dusk Mitchell was standing in front of Mayse's store when Montgomery passed along and stopped in the next stairway north where Murphy and others were trying to effect a reconciliation when Mitchell suddenly walked up and the shooting commenced with above results.  The question of who fired first, as usual seems to be in doubt.


Clark County Clipper, March 25, 1898

James Murphy Dead.

We announced last week that a telegram had been received on Thursday by parties here, stating that James Murphy, who was wounded in the battle between Montgomery and Mitchell on the 10th. inst., had died at the hospital in Wichita on that date.  The report was true and the lifeless body of James A. Murphy was brought in on the Friday evening train and borne by sympathetic friends to the family residence to await interment.  The body was kept in state until Sunday morning when it was conveyed to the M. E. church and Rev. Mr. Bess preached a funeral sermon to the largest crowd assembled at the church for many months.  The address was certainly a model under the circumstances.  Whilst it was a touching tribute to the godly, an eloquent admonition to all, yet it was devoid of anything touching on the misfortune that lead up to the demise of the subject.

After services the body was conveyed to the "silent city" on the hill and laid to its eternal rest while the loving ones poured but their sorrow in tears above it.

From what we can learn it seems that after arriving at the hospital the surgeons obtained permission from the deceased to administer an anesthetic and probe for the shot.  In probing for the shot the main artery was fractured and amputation above the knee was made.  The patients awoke from the anesthetic sleep apparently in good condition, when soon he was apprised of the amputation and turning his face out he was a corpse in a few minutes.

The community sympathizes with the bereaved ones and especially with the wife and four little ones.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 3, 2005.



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