Clark County Clipper Supplement, May 7th, 1885


Following is a list of the letters remaining uncalled for at the post office on Friday, May 1st, 1885.  If not called for in 30 days, they will be sent to the dead letter office.

Alcorn, Stewart
Alsup, Thomas
Bishop, L. H.
Brown, Jacob M.
Bochtel, Martin
Beaucamp, David
Blossom, J. A.
Brown, John W.
Branch, Elna A.
Crity, Frank
Gogdon, J. L.
Cease, Charles
Crooks, John M.
Duran, Lettie H.
Evans, W. E.
Edmonds, Sarah
Graves, J. R. M.
Gehring, Frank
Gore, John Samuel
Graham, Sarah L.
Guynn, Oliver
Gaines, Lizzie
Graham, William
Holbert, William
Hughes, Bert
Honey, W. G.
Heart, Mr.
Holt, Molon M.
Henderson, R. C.
Hurst, George 3
Hirle, William
Hefflin, William
Hummel, Martin S.
Handley, M. C.
Howard, James
James, Evan
Kirkham, Newton
Kline, Edward
Keith, Charles
Kelly, J. D.
Kester, R. O.
Lobdell, M. J. 2
Lippincott, J. W. 2
Leftler, Deliah
Marwin, J. Elliott
Murry, Mary E.
Marvin, Samantha
McDaniel, E. M.
Miller, John H. 3
Marrion, Joseph
Martin, Emerson
Mearer, Jona A.
Phiney, M. E.
Parker, Jessie L.
Price, E. J.
Reeves, A. D.
Roberts, Steve
Reiley, J. M.
Rhodes, A. M.
Strain, H. M.
Solyer, F. N.
Smith, Allen
Swan, A. H.
Smith, Chris
Seng, Lewis J.
Sheares, J. S.
Stone, John
Thoroughmans, S. V.
Elshoefer, Henry
William, G. H.
Whittaker, Reiley
Weyet, Charley
Williams, Marcus
Williams, W. F.
Warner, Charles

When calling for these letters, please say they were advertised.

W. D. Baker, Postmaster.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 2, 2005.

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