Clark County Clipper, October 9, 1884

Advertised List

Of letters remaining uncalled for in Clark Post Office, Oct. 1st., 1884.

Burnett, J. M.
Brenton, Perry
Crawford, C. W.
Cockerell, James
Darley, John
Hoover, L. F.
Howston, J. P.
Hardin, J. H.
Jenkins, B. F.
Kaminke, August
McCormick, T. C.
Parks, Cyrus
Parks, R. N.
Shingle, Fred
Skinner, Mack
Seger, Herman
Smith, Will
Teasdall, J. H.
Wildman, Francis
Youman, Joseph
If not called for in thirty days will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

W. D. Baker, Postmaster.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ in September 27, 2005.



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