Robert Marion Cook Obituary

Clark County Clipper
Ashland, Kansas
June 15, 1939
Robert Marion Cook
January 15, 1869 - April 29, 1939
    Mrs. Robert M. Cook sent in the following obituary.  She has come back here sad to leave her husband's lone grave in Arkansas, where he suffered and died, but kind friends will care for it.  She wishes to see all her old acquaintances in this county and in Meade County, where she as a young girl once lived.  We knew "Tobe" as he was called.  A very fine man, a born cowboy it seemed.  Husky and ever ready to lift the heavy burden of others.  He suffered many long years, finally the call came.  He has gone to answer the call bravely.  He was ready to go.
Robert Marion (Tobe) Cook
January 15, 1869 - April 29, 1939
    Robert M. Cook was born January 15, 1869 in Vermillion County, Indiana, son of William and Sarah Cook.  His family moved to Illinois where he grew to manhood.  The call for home in the west was answered, his father, a Civil War Veteran, came to Clark County, got here December 26, 1884, took claim west of town, Ashland, was an infant then - but a very lively one.  Mr. Cook and other old soldiers were farmers and all worked hard, raised a large family.  When the children went out to work for neighbors, home was their haven.  Tobe later made his home with ranchmen.  Mr. Lackey was a ranchman and Tobe was a great favorite, always ready night or day, to look after the livestock.   October 9, 1898 he was married to Miss Mabel Givler of Meade County, Kansas.  Seven children were born to them: Nelson, Bryon, Burt, Maude, Robert, Alex and Vance.  Burt died [April 27, 1930] - Tobe died April 29.  Was buried in Union Chapel Cemetery, 70 years, 3 months, 14 days of age.
    His daughter, Mrs. Ralph Sawyers and family, son Alex, two sisters, Mrs. Victoria Crossman and Mrs. Nellie Wright went to the funeral.  He left ten grandchildren. One son, Nelson, a World War Veteran, lived out west.  We trust that all, who read this will stop and breathe a prayer for the wife and dear ones who are here to take up life again in sunny Kansas.

Contributed by Al & Pearl Ellis  June 8, 2006.


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