Clark County Clipper, May 31, 1928

(Mrs. Donald Cothran and Child)

Mrs. Donald Cothran and small child were burned to death at their home on Clay ranch near Meade last Friday morning.  The fire was caused by the explosion of a can of gasoline.  The gasoline was thrown on the clothing of Mrs. Cothran and she was so badly burned that she died a few hours afterward.  Her small child was in the room with her.  She attempted to save it but failed and managed to stumble out of the house before she was fully overcome by the flames.

John Harold Clay, the 9 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Emery Clay was the hero of this disaster.  Seeing the mother stumble out of the house he realized the danger of the child and ran in the house and brought the child out, and while it was too late the child dying a few hours later from the effects of the flames, he did save the child's body from being entirely destroyed in the fire.  He also saved his father's desk which contained valuable papers.  The boy is entitled to recognition for his bravery and we understand that Meade people will recommend that he be given a Carnegie medal for this act.  The two story house and all its contents, except the few removed by John Harold, were entirely destroyed in the fire.  Emery Clay resides there and Mr. and Mrs. Cothran were employed by him.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 31, 2005.

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