Clark County Clipper, November 10, 1927


Stephen Crane was born July 10, 1829, in the state of Vermont.  He came to Illinois when a boy of about twelve years of age along with his brother, Harvey, and some other members of the family.  They came west by way of the Hudson-Erie Canal, shortly after it was opened up for traffic, and then either by the way of the Great Lakes or overland, to Vermillion, Illinois, where he spent the days of youth.  Later he came to Vermillion County, Indiana, where he made his home for many years, married and reared a family of eight children - Laura, Lucy, Hannah A., Sabrina Emily, Alva, Sylvannus Bert, Benjamin and Harvey Dan.  Five of these children still survive.  Laura, Benjamin and Sylvanus Bert having passed on before, along with the wife and mother, who departed in the year 1886.  He never remarried.

After the death of his wife, he sold his Indiana possessions and moved to Kansas, where he resided for several years, but later returned to Indiana, to remain till his son, Harvey Dan sold out and moved to Texas in the year of 1908, where he has since made his home with them, till he answered the summons of heaven on November 3, 1927.

His life was spent in the Methodist Episcopal church service.  He was wonderfully gifted in prayer, song and teaching ability.  Generations of boys passed under his guidance as a Sabbath school teacher, and he saw most of them converted and come into the church to carry on its work.  He was chorister of Center church in Indiana for many years and under his powerful leadership in song, many were led to higher life.

He was very liberal in support of the church in all of its relations.  He claimed he was a "The Lord's Steward," what he cared for was the property of the Lord, and it should be used for his cause.  In his home the BIble was read daily along with family worship, his motto was, "Is it right, then walk that way."  His advice to all the young people was "keep a Christian Conscience, and follows its dictates."  He was loyal to his country and its officers, whether they were of the same political faith of himself or not.  He loved to read the History of the United States and for more than forty years, read a U. S., history each year.

He personally remembered incidents of all Presidential administrations down to and including the late Warren G. Harding's.  He was well read, having obtained a good education by self improvement.  A good man has been called to his reward.  He was 98 years, 3 months and 23 days old.

The funeral services were held in the Methodist church at Tulia, Texas, November 4, 1927, by the pastor, Rev. J. P. Patterson, assisted by Rev. Huff of the Baptist church.

Mrs. W. S. Graham sang very impressively and appropriately the song "In the Land Where We'll Never Grow Old."  After the services at the church, the body was conveyed to Rose Hill Cemetery and tenderly laid to rest.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 25, 2005.


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