Clark County Clipper, November 10, 1927


This community was shocked shortly before noon Wednesday, as the news spread rapidly that Tom Demmitt had been found dead in the loft of the barn at his home just west of Ashland, where he had evidently taken his own life by hanging.

He was first discovered in this condition by his son, Quimby, who had gone up in the loft to get a pitch fork which he was going to use in hauling some feed.  He at once ran to the house and told Mrs. Demmitt of the tragedy and Dr. W. H. Jones was called immediately, but Mr. Demmitt was dead when the doctor arrived.  DR. Jones is of the opinion that the tragedy had taken place about three hours previous to the time his body was found, or shortly after eight o'clock in the morning.  Others were told of the tragedy and soon many friends of the family had gathered at the Demmitt home to give such assistance to the grief stricken family as they could.  Paul McCasland was called to take charge of the body.

Before the body was removed from the loft, Geo. M. Grimes, sheriff, H. C. Mayse, county attorney, A. Baker, justice of the peace, Dr. W. H. Jones and Dr. W. F. Taylor held an official investigation and decided that no coroner's inquest would be necessary,. the surroundings and evidence showing so plainly that it was clear case of suicide.  The deceased had hanged himself with a rafter in the barn, by first putting a non slip loop about his neck and then tying the rope to a rafter which he could reach from the floor of the loft.  He had not jumped as is usually the case in hanging but had evidently just let his weight off his legs until he choked.

So far no message has been found which the deceased left to give any light on his reason for taking his life.  His friends and family can give no definite cause.  It is surmised that he brooded over ill health or possibly financial affairs until his mind became so unbalanced that he committed the deed during a brief interval of temporary insanity.

Thomas Demmitt was a man who was well liked by his neighbors and associates.  He was a hard working farmer who attended strictly to his own business and was honorable in his dealings with his fellowmen.

The funeral services will be held in the Christian church in Ashland at 2:30 Sunday afternoon, unless it should be postponed to a later time because of relatives coming from a distance.

An obituary of the deceased will be published in this paper next week.

Clark County Clipper,
November 17, 1927


Thomas Andrew Demmitt was born near Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, August 5, 1873, and departed this life at his home, just west of Ashland, November 9, 1927, aged 54 years, 3 months and 4 days.

He was the elder son of Isaac and Sarah Demmitt, having six sisters and one brother; his father, mother, and one sister having preceded him in death.

At a very tender age he was stricken with infantile paralysis, which made him helpless for a number of years.

When he was 5 years of age, he came with his parents to Kansas, settling in Marion county, when that country was all open country and one of this dearest memories was of he and his sister herding cattle afoot over miles of open prairie.

On October 26, 1893, he was united in marriage to Addie Arretta Wyatt and to this union three sons and three daughters were born, all of whom are living.

In 1909 he left Marion county, settling in Pratt county for 3 years.  On August 3, 1912, he moved to Clark county, settling in the Ashland vicinity, and for the past 15 years had called this his home.

In 1916, he gave his heart to God, uniting with the Christian church and was a member of this church at the time of his death.

He was a kind, loving husband and father, ever ready to romp with his children and grandchildren.

He loved boys and by his happy cheerful disposition attracted them to him.

He leaves to mourn their loss, his wife and six children, Mrs. Violette Minor, of Ashland; Mrs. Imogene Callahan, of Minneola; Miss Avis Demmitt of Ashland; Chelsea Demmitt, of Beaver Lodge, Alberta, Canada; Troy and Quimby, of Ashland; also five sisters and one brother, Mrs. Mary Thrasher of Holcomb, Kansas; Mrs. Alice Swisher, Skiatok, Oklahoma; Mrs. Florence Mullaley, Sebastepol, California; Mrs. Laura Brenn, St. John, Kansas; Carl Demmitt, Fairberry, Nebraska; besides a host of other relatives and friends who mourn his departure.

The funeral services were held in the Christian church at Ashland, Kansas, Saturday at 2:30 p.m., his pastor, Rev. Asa B. Ingram, preaching the funeral sermon.  Interment was made in Highland cemetery.  A large concourse of old neighbors and friends attended the funeral to pay their last respects to their departed friend.  The Clipper joins with the community is extending sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

Card of Thanks

We wish to thank all those who helped and sympathized with us during this hour of bereavement.

We also wish to tender thanks for the beautiful flowers.

Mrs. T. A. Emmitt and children.
Mr. and Mrs. Milt Wyatt and family.

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