Nema Olive Evans Obituary

Clark County Clipper, October 3, 1901


Nema Olive Opal Evans, daughter of William M. and Susan J. Evans, was born, November 4, 1900; departed this life at Ashland, Kansas, September 30, 1901.

The funeral of these two little ones was held from the Presbyterian church last Monday, and the scene was one to touch the heart of the stoutest.  A touching prayer was offered by Rev. W. L. Roberts, of the Presbyterian church, and a brief sermon was delivered by Rev. H. L. Gleckler, of the M. E. church.  As Brother Glecker proceeded with the remarks he gazed on the two little white coffins before him and was overcome with the sight and wept.  The scene was an unusual one in this city and the entire congregation broke into tears and the singing of the choir almost ceased.

The following verses were written in memoriam of Nema Olive Opal Evans and handed to us for publication by a friend:

O cruel death why lay your hand,
Upon so young and sweet a child,
Whose tongue o often lisped my name,
Whose eyes so sweetly on me smiled?

Me thinks I see sweet Nema now,
So full of innocence and glee,
I always met her with a smile,
She always had a smile for me.

Why do the stars look down and weep,
Through heaven's curtains as they roll?
O, they but smile their tears of joy,
For heaven claims another soul!

The angels welcome Nema home,
Where little ones have gone before,
And the angels' voices all proclaim,
The joyful words "one angel more."

She's gone her little soul hath waned,
Its wavered flight to heaven above;
The mother's blessing cheered it on,
Its soul was wrapped in a mother's love.

Her tears were all that she could give,
Her heart was filled with grief and pain,
She wept as mothers only weep,
And faintly calls her back again.

Papa weep not for Nema now,
For she has gone to heaven where,
She cannot meet you here on earth,
But you must try and meet her there.

Nema sweet child a sad farewell,
We mourn the loss and felt the pain,
But oh 'tis joy midst all our grief,
To know our loss has been your gain.

When stars are looking from the skies,
As windows where the angels see,
May your bright eyes look down on earth,
To guide us all to heaven and thee.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ September 30, 2005.



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