Lena Grace Johnson Obituary

Clark County Clipper, October 3, 1901

Lena Grace Johnson, daughter of Sylvester Johnson, died Friday morning, September 27, 1901, at her fathers home four miles north of Englewood.

Deceased was a true daughter of Western Kansas, having been born in Englewood fifteen years ago, viz: May 15, 1886.  She became a member of the Christian church about two years ago.  Just blossoming into young womanhood; she possessed those qualities of mind and heart, which won her the love and esteem of her associates.

Mr. Johnson and family have the sympathy of all in their bereavement.

"Sad was the hour of parting,
Bitter was the tears we shed,
Laying her cold and silent,
Down with the shrouded dead.

But sweet are the memories left us,
Of Grace in her childhood days,
And hope springs again eternal,
As we sing her Redeemer's praise.

Only trust Him says, the Savior,
Have faith in His message of love.
And we will meet her again in heaven,
With the angels of Glory above."

In Memoriam.

Written upon the evening of the burial of Miss Grace Johnson by a friend:

Today brings sad remembrance
Of one who went to sleep,
In the mighty arms of Jesus-
Her soul He'll safely keep.

She left this world in triumph
For her bright and heavenly home,
With no more cares or troubles-
No more her steps to roam.

One dear sweet girl has left us
Her work on earth done,
She leaves a father and a brother
To mourn the loss of their dear one.

Her sleep is calm an peaceful,
She is so cold and still,
Her spirit rests in heaven,
For 'tis the Savior's will.

One soul just now has left us,
One voice we loved is stilled;
One place on earth is vacant
That never can be filled.

Her loved were gathered about her
And her life work had but seemed begun
When death's strange mysterious angel
Proclaims "It is done!  It is done!"

Take up then her unfinished work,
Nor never lay it down,
And at least may our Heavenly Father
Give to each a welcome and a crown.

One person now is walking
With Jesus on a street of gold;
One soul is now rejoicing-
Her works on earth are told.

With Jesus, her redeemer,
She's beckoning us to come,
To follow in Christ's footsteps,
And meet him in His home.

But as one by one we're gong,
May we meet by the great white throne,
And may God in His loving kindness
Number us all His own.

Fannie Parks, Englewood, Kansas.

Submitted by ~Shirley Brier~ September 30, 2005.

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