Clark County Clipper, December 20, 1928


Joseph Lowdermilk of Sullivan, Indiana, was in Ashland the past week looking after business pertaining to the estate of his late deceased brother, J. L. Lowdermilk, who died in El Paso, Texas, on December 7th., immediately after arriving there.  Mr. Lowdermilk was a sufferer from asthma and this is believed to have been the cause of his death.

Mr. Joseph Lowdermilk received a letter from the Peak-Hagedon Funeral Home which tells something of the death of his brother.  We quote one paragraph of this letter:

"On December 7th, at 12:20 p.m., our ambulance was called to the Union Depot for a man who had been taken ill on the train and was to be removed to a hospital.  When the ambulance arrived at the depot, the man had already been taken from the train to the waiting room and had died immediately upon arriving there.  This is really all the information we are able to give you as Mr. Lowdermilk was traveling alone and no one seemed to know anything more about him."

The deceased owned land in Clark county and made his home in Ashland a few months during the summer and fall each year.  He had been here this year since last harvest and had planned to remain here until after Christmas and then expected to go to Texas and Arizona to spend the rest of the winter where the climate would be more agreeable to his health.  However, his physical condition became worse and on December 6th, on the advice of his physician, he left for the Southwest.  Unfortunately it seems that he had waited to long and death came before he reached his destination.

Mr. Lowdermilk has many friends in Clark county which he had made during his visits to this county.  He was the type of man who made friends wherever he went.  He was a good citizen and kept himself well informed about the affairs of his country.  In earlier days he had spent much of his time in the mining region of Colorado where he still had some interests in mining property.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ November 4, 2005.


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