Isabella Everett Mayse Obituary

Clark County Clipper, November 20, 1902


Our Mother is Dead.

Our mother died at the St. Francis hospital in Wichita, Tuesday night, of typhoid fever.  The body will be shipped to the Old Lebanon church in Clinton county, Mo.  Father started, yesterday, to Wichita to be with her not knowing that she was dead, as the telegram was not received until after the train had gone.  She had been under the doctor's care for several month's with what seemed to be muscular rheumatism, and was taken to the hospital last Friday, the 14th, in the hope that she might receive the best of care and the treatment of the physician there.  I stayed in the city and visited her twice a day until Tuesday, then on the statement of Dr. Fabrique that there was no immediate danger I returned home and father started the next morning to be with her.  After the train had started east the message was received that she had passed away Tuesday evening about eight o'clock.

Isabella Everett was born in the Missouri on October 10th, 1836, and was married to James E. Mayse, February 8th, 1855.  Of this union there was born fourteen children, eight of whom are living.

Toll the bell softly, a mother has passed to the unknown shore and only those who have spent their lives with their mother and know how want we are upon returning home to go thru every room of the house until we find Mother, can only know the loss.  Nor can any except those who in sickness have had a mother to tenderly pass her loving hand over their fevered brow know what a ministering Angel a Mother is.  No one can make the rough places in life smooth like a mother.  It is mother who is always ready to get up in the night and fix things, and let the children, even after mature years sleep.  To her they are always children, no matter how old, and tho the world forsake them, they know that mother is waiting with open arms to receive them.

Mother is gone, and is of this earth no more, but she has left her impress on her generation, in a life without blemish filled with love for mankind, and many deeds of kindness.  The world is better by her having lived in it.  She lived religion she professed and never dishonored the cause.  Knowing the frailty of human nature, who was always forgiving.  Now she has entered the dark beyond called death, but in the firm belief in a final resurrection and an eternity with her Savior.  Farewell, Mother, Farewell.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 6, 2005.


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