June Potter Obituary

Clark County Clipper, February 20, 1902


DIED - At the home of her parents in this city on Thursday evening February 13, 1902, little June Potter, aged six years, seven months and 13 days.

Little June was taken sick at school on Friday, the 7th, inst., and was sent home.  She had been suffering with a sore throat for some days and the usual remedies were applied with no thought of anything serious.  The next day a physician was called but not until the day before she died was it known that she was a victim of that dread disease, diphtheria.  No effort was spared to afford relief but without avail and Thursday evening death relieved her suffering.  June was the oldest of four children and dearly loved by parents, grandmother and her young associates.  Her sunny smile and genial disposition endeared her to all who came in contact with her and her death is a sad blow to the home folks as well as a shock to the community at large.

It s hard to part with our friends and death in any form is dreaded but when it invades the family circle and removes the first born it seems more terrible.  Words are but as empty vessels at such times to convey sympathy and comfort to wounded hearts.  It is poor consolation to think of the dead as being better off in another world, but when we reflect upon the cares and trials that come in after life there is balm in the thought that our loved ones are beyond the reach of temptation where sorrow and pain cannot trouble them.  Little June is dead but the memory of her loving, childish ways will always be sweet to those who are left to bear the burden of this first sorrow.

The parents and grandmother of little June Potter request us to cordially thank those who assisted them to care for little June during her sickness and at her death.  The dangerous nature of the disease makes their appreciation the more sincere and heartfelt.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 4, 2005.

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