Mary Ann Pugh Obituary

Clark County Clipper, July 24, 1902


From the Vanceburg, Kentucky Sun.

It is with sadness we chronicle the death of one of Vanceburg's oldest and best known citizens, Mrs. Mary Pugh, whose funeral took place at the Christian church Sunday afternoon, June 22nd.

Mary Ann Jones was born at Washington, Mason county, Kentucky, April 7, 1822.  Died at her home in Vanceburg, June 17, 1902, having completed the full measure of three score years.

On September 9, 1840, she was married to Samuel Bell Pugh.  This happy union continued for more than half a century; they having celebrated their fiftieth anniversary of their marriage in 1890, about the time of his death.  Mrs. Pugh enjoyed the remarkable good fortune of living to see her whole family of 11 children live to reach the age of maturity.  Nine of these still live, together with 54 grandchildren and three great grandchildren, to mourn her death.  Though for nearly ten years she lingered after the departure of her beloved companion yet she kept green in her memory all the sweet association of their long companionship, and patiently awaited the time when they should be reunited to part no more.

In 1842, the year following her marriage, she with her husband, gave her life to her Master, becoming a member of the Christian church of which she remained a faithful member until the time of her death in the Lord's vineyard.

With the exception of a period of 12 years spent in Kansas, Mrs. Pugh has lived in this part of Kentucky, and today the wide circle of her friends feel most sensibly, their loss in her death.  For those who knew her most intimately, loved her most devotedly, saw in her life those traits of character that mark the highest type of true womanhood.

To the family she ever proven herself a most devoted mother caring always and first of all for the welfare of her children.  No burden was too grievous too great to be made in their behalf, for her to it was a work of a mother's love.  Scores of people today rise up and call her blessed because of numberless ministries in the sick room or in the haunts of poverty - angel ministries known only to herself, her master and the suffering, needy ones who received comfort and blessing at her hand.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 4, 2005.

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