Clark County Clipper, Match 14, 1929


"Tuck" Rice, Prominent Farmer and Cattleman Drops Dead

William J. Rice was born in Ridge Farm, Illinois, April 23, 1865, and died in his ranch home 17 miles west of Ashland Sunday, March 10, 1929.  With his brother, Joe, he came to Clark County in the year 1900 and bought from L. W. Johnson the nucleus of the ranch he owned at his death.  For some years the brothers carried on the business of farming and stock raising during which time they increased their land ownership.  Some years ago Joe sold his interest to his brother, married and went to California where he now resides.  William J. remained and carried on the business until five years ago when his health failed and he had to retire, leasing his ranch to A. M. Alexander.

Last Saturday Mr. Rice was in town meeting his friends and transacting some important business.  While not looking well he said he felt as well as usual.  Sunday he was shaving himself with the partly formed intention of attending the funeral of Al Tift, an old acquaintance who had expired suddenly.  With a smothered exclamation he fell to the floor, death being instantaneous.  Mrs. Alexander from an adjoining room rushed to his assistance but her efforts failed to restore the spark of life.  When he became ill five years ago while living alone, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander, then near neighbors, took him to their home and have cared for him as one of their own blood until the end.  During these years they have learned to love him as a brother and are today as the only mourners near to him.  He is survived by his one brother, Joe, who is unable to be here, three nephews, Ben, Frank and Tom Rice of Georgetown, Ill.; and three nieces, Mrs. Amy Jordan, and Mrs. Susie Hall, of Georgetown, and Mrs. Jesse Rice McCoy, of Seattle, Washington.

To his friends Mr. Rice is familiarly known as "Tuck" and by them was loved and respected as an honorable, conscientious and upright man.  In the notations of Providence it so happens that these friends are called upon to perform the last sad rites we accord to those who pass from us to explore alone the mystery that lies beyond the grave.  The writer dies not know whether he had any established church connection but his life has been actuated by the principles enunciated by the Man of Galilee.

Several times during his residence here "Tuck" has gone back to the old home to attend the funeral of members of his family but today none come to join us in loving tribute to his memory.  By his own request we lay him to rest among those with whom he has associated during the later years of his life, with the ceremony of the ancient order of which he has for many years been a member.  Well may we say with Thackberry, "Those who are gone, you have.  Those who departed loving you, love you still; and you love them always.  They are not really gone, those dear hearts and true; they are only gone into the next room; and you will presently get up and follow them, and yonder door will close upon you, and you will be no more seen."

The funeral is being conducted today from the Presbyterian church, M. G. Stevenson having charge.  The funeral sermon is being delivered by Rev. Samuel G. Schick, Presbyterian pastor.  Interment will be made in the Highland Cemetery.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ November 3, 2005.


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