Mrs. Lizzie Robinson Obituary

Clark County Clipper, October 24, 1907


Mrs. Lizzie Robinson, wife of Rev. J. W. Robinson, died at her home in Dighton, Kansas, October 17, 1907, aged 47 years.

Mrs. Robinson was a former wife of Charles Keith, deceased of near Fowler, and was known by many Clark county people.  She filled a gasoline stove with gasoline, and in doing so spilled some on the floor.  She carefully removed the can, but stepped on a match which ignited and set fire to the gasoline on the floor and igniting her clothing causing her to inhale so much of the fumes that she sank slowly and died 12 hours later.  She originally came from Illinois, and was a woman much loved and respected.  She leaves an only daughter, about 14 years old by her first husband and an aged father, husband, 4 brothers and one sister.  Deceased was a Christian, a noble wife and a fond mother.  The body was laid beside that of her first husband in the Meade Cemetery, October 19th.

Contributed by ~Shirley Brier~ October 15, 2005.

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