Walter Ralph Sawyers Obituary

Clark County Clipper
Ashland, Kansas
June 23, 1955
Walter Ralph Sawyers
April 27, 1903 - June 17, 1955
    Walter Ralph Sawyers was born in Ashland, April 27, 1902, the son of Walter B. and Gertrude (Evans) Sawyers, and has lived all of his life time in the city of his birth.  All his life intersects being centered here.  April 30, 1923 he was united in marriage with Maude Sylvia Cook, daughter of a pioneer family of this county.
    For 19 years Ralph, as he was best known, has been a faithful employee of the City of Ashland and last spring he was appointed superintendent of the water and light plant following the resignation of John Foster.  During the severe storm last Friday afternoon a light pole was blown down, the wires being in the waters of Bear Creek, then in the flooding stage.  Many persons were out after the storm had subsided to view the high water.  Ralph happened to see them and realizing that someone might be killed if they got into water or wet grass he grabbed a safety belt and tools and climbed the pole near his home to cut the wires and remove the danger.  His gloves were damp, his feet were as was the pole.  He cut one wire carrying 2300 volts and in someway the wire struck his left arm, snuffing out his life instantly.
    In his thoughtful action he literally laid down his life to save the lives of his friends then in danger.  Thus passes a faithful employee who never refused a call to duty whether it came in day or night.  He never complained or argued but performed the task with a smile.
    In 1951, Mr. and Mrs. Sawyers on confession of faith became members of the Methodist Church of Ashland.
    Ralph is survived by his wife, four sons and three daughters; Walter Ralph, Jr and Jon Delaine, both of Ashland; Marion Neil, Spearman, Texas; Paul Kenneth, Stering, Colorado; Mrs. Peggy S. Coverdale, Hampton, Virginia; Mrs. Virginia Falkenberry, Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Mrs. Juanita Durall of Ashland.  A son, Keith Demane, died in infancy.
    He is survived by three brothers: Alvin of Wichita; Harold of Darrington, Washington; Willis of Lewis, Kansas and four sisters; Mrs. Iva Bowling and Mrs. Goldie DeWitt, both of Ashland; Mrs. Fairy Gibson of Protection, Kansas; and Myrtle McCartey, of Lewis, Kansas; many more relatives and a host of friends.
*Note:  Ralph's birth date is wrong in the obituary.  It should read April 27, 1903.

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