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Susan Hatch January 9, 2005
I am seeking for an information on my great great grandfather Alexander ALTER and his wives in Ford County, Dodge City. He was married to Emy PRINCE on September 4, 1885 when she was 30 year old and he was 59 year old. She was his 3rd wife and how many children they had ?. Where Emy was born? Alexander was later married to Mrs Northern in 1899. What was her full name and where she was from?. He was married to another woman named Lucy D Stinson in 1883 and what was her maiden name?. I want to know about Alexander and his wives if you will inform me about them.


Meredith Fry March 4, 2005
I am looking for information on the Fisher surname. I am looking specifically for Daniel and Margaret Fisher of Bucklin circa 1900. They had 4 children with unusual names so they seem a little easier to track:  Archie, Octia (born in Oct.), Cecil and Flake (you guessed it, born in Dec.). I will be glad to be your contact person, I only hope some of their children/grandchildren will think to look here! I have been all over Ancestry.com. with a little luck, I can't wait to look at your records. Thank you for this site!




Sandra Tennyson July 30, 1005
I would like to contact anyone who descends from the PRESTON/HOBBSfamily.  William Hobbs Preston born 1838 in England.  He lived out his life in Dodge City, Kansas.  William was a brother to my great grandmother, Annie Elizabeth Preston Glover.



Darlene A. Oglesby December 20, 2005
My great grandmother's name is Margaret (Maggie) Hickerson of Kansas.  She was married to Clarence Mudgett in 1893.  I've been able to find a lot of Mudgett information, but I can't trace Maggie back to even a parent.  If you can help me, I'd appreciate it.


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