1870 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Fort Dodge in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Post Office Wichita Date: 12 October 1870   Enumerator: John M. Stule Page: 2


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

DW#   Name Sex  Race Age Profession  Birthplace       
Soldier Barracks Krauss, William M W 27 Soldier Prussia
  Barnett, Henry M W 26 Soldier NY
  Duprey, Charles M W 26 Soldier Canada
  Munnich?, Cyrus M W 25 Soldier PA
  Morgan, John M W 31 Soldier Wales
  Francis, Isaac M W 27 Soldier PA
  Skinner, William M W 28 Soldier PA
  Borne, H. Highland M W 22 Soldier PA
  Donohue, Patrick M W 14 Soldier Wyoming Terr
  Jones, Harry M W 17 Soldier IA
  Swart, Daniel J. M W 19 Soldier NY
  Athuis?, Charles M W 31 Soldier MI
  Belease?, James M W 36 Soldier MA
  Bennett, Byron M W 23 Soldier PA
  Bushman?, Fred M. M W 26 Soldier OH
  Boneman, Henry M W 33 Soldier Hanover
  Bremer, Erwin J. M W 40 Soldier MD
  Corwine?, Sylvester G. M W 23 Soldier Ireland
  Cooney, Patrick M W 28 Soldier NY
  Clark, Charles M W 28 Soldier PA
  DeForest, Paulin M W 40 Soldier PA
  Elphres?, John M W 25 Soldier Hanover
  Farrell, Patrick M W 26 Soldier Ireland
  Fields, Thomas M W 27 Soldier Ireland
  Fahrmaine?, Jon M W 23 Soldier WI
  Gladman, Daniel C. M W 22 Soldier OH
  Hall, Eugene M W 25 Soldier NY
  Holloway?, Thomas M W 28 Soldier Ireland
  Hart, George M W 22 Soldier PA
  Hastun?, Andrus M W 33 Soldier Ireland
  Henry, Patrick M W 27 Soldier Ireland
  Hildebrand, Chas. M W 24 Soldier Prussia
  Holmes, Alexander M W 30 Soldier England
  Holzhuck?, Andrus M W 28 Soldier Hanover
  Johnson, Alex? J. M W 22 Soldier Norway
  Johnson, Charles M W 22 Soldier MI
  Keenan, James M W 23 Soldier Scotland
  Kopp, Charles M W 25 Soldier NY
  Laner? Henry M W 25 Soldier Ireland


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