1870 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Fort Dodge in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Post Office Wichita Date: 13 October 1870   Enumerator: John M. Steele Page: 44B


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

DW#   Name Sex  Race Age Profession  Birthplace       
Soldier Barracks South, Benjamin M B 21 Soldier PA
             John M B 21 Soldier LA
  Steele, Charles M B 21 Soldier NY
  Taylor, James M B 21 Soldier VA
              James H. M B 21 Soldier VA
              George M B 21 Soldier MD
  Thornton, James M B 27 Soldier IN
` Thomas, John M. M B 22 Soldier Dist Col
  Valentine, Israel M B 22 Soldier PA
  Veile, Madison M B 21 Soldier GA
  Watts, Geo. W. N. M B 25 Soldier MD
  Williams, James M B 22 Soldier VA
                Samuel M B 22 Soldier NC
  Wilson, Charles M B 22 Soldier MD
  Wythe, Johnson M B 22 Soldier VA
1/1 Moore, Edward M W 30 Lt. Col. USA NC
2/1              Jean F W 30 Lady MD
               Annie F W 6 At Home MD
               Samuel M W 1 At Home NM
               Edward, Jr. M W 4 At Home AR
  Jackson, Eliza F W 20 Servant Ireland
  Tremain, W. S. M W 32 1st Lt USA Ireland
3/2               Sarah G. F W 31 Lady British America
                Wm. O. M W 7 At Home British America
                 Frank S. M W 3 At Home MD
                 Ethel F W 1 At Home IN
  Huston, Mary N. F W 36 Servant PA
 4/- Wallace, L. I. M W 26 1st Lt USA KS
  Ackegan?, Henry M W 27 Laborer KS
  Harding, William M W 30 Laborer KS
  Scurtell?, George M W 22 Laborer MO
  Moore, John M W 26 Laborer MO
  Wilson, Samuel M W 19 Laborer MO
  Bartley, William M W 23 Laborer OH
  MacGeffy?, Alex M W 25 Laboer Scotland
  Walton, Albert M W 18 Laborer Switzerland
  Foster, Freeman M W 20 Laborer WI
  Hause, William M W 27 Laborer MD
  Carter, William M W 28 Laborer VA
  Stewart, John M B 30 Cook MD


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