1870 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Fort Dodge in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Post Office Wichita Date: 13 October 1870   Enumerator: John M. Steele Page: 45A


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

DW#  FM# Name Sex  Race Age Profession  Birthplace       
24 17 Starks?, Frances W. R. M W 29 Iron Moulder IL
    Ayers, George M W 36 Soldier MI
28 21 Capron, E. B. M W 32 Soldier VT
29 22 Armon, Sarah F W 26 Laundress Ireland
                William M W 1 At Home NM
30 23 Strach?, G. W. H. M W 28 Off. USA PA
                  Augusta C. F W 23 Lady PA
                  Florence A. F W 2 At Home PA
                  Lemuel G. M W 4/12 At Home KS
    Britter, Sarah F M 23 Servant PA
    Navaho, John M Ind 16 Servant Navaho Nation
    Summer, John M W 35 Teamster MO
    Riley, Joseph M W 30 Teamster MO
    Mack, Henry M M 30 Herder AL
    Kenly, August M W 30 Teamster Prussia
    Hoyle, Windall M W 27 Teamster Prussia
    Wilson, Samuel M W 25 Teamster KY
    Lucio, Juan M W 24 Teamster NM
    Forsythe, John T. M W 25 Teamster KY
    Brown, Samuel M M 22 Teamster VA
    Conway, Hugh M W 25 Teamster VA
    Austin, Daniel M W 27 Teamster VA
    Uriosta?, Juan M W 22 Teamster NM
    Wilkie, Abner M W 25 Teamster KY
    Burris, Daniel M W 27 Laborer VA
    McComas, John M W 29 Laborer MO
    Sheridan, James M W 24 Laborer KY
    Brown, William M W 30 Laborer KY
    Barger, John M W 31 Laborer MS
    Brilta?, Frederick? M W 25 Laborer KY
    Thompson, Jacob M W 27 Laborer KY
    Case, William M W 30 Laborer VA
    Carroll, James M W 24 Laborer MO
    White, William M W 27 Laborer VA
    Moon, John M W 32 Laborer VA
    Wallace, Samuel J. M W 30 Laborer MO
    Stewart, Peter M W 40 Laborer OH


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