1870 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Fort Dodge in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Post Office Wichita Date: 13 October 1870   Enumerator: John M. Steele Page: 46A


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel

DW#  FM# Name Sex  Race Age Profession  Birthplace       
25 18 Morgan, Mary F W 22 Laundress OH
                  John M W 3 At Home CO
                  Phillip M W 1 At Home KS
                  Infatn M W 1/12 At Home KS
26 19 Howard, Geo. W. M W 43 Carpenter VT
                  Louisa F W 43 Keeping House NY
27 20 Carpenter, Joseph M W 21 Boatman NY
    Chiners?, John M W 21 Upholsterer MO
US Barracks Dickman, William M W 21 Barber Hanover
  Devan, Thomas M W 30 Soldier Ireland
    Erway?, George M. M W 23 Farmer NY
    Jones, Charles M W 23 Musician CT
    Kaufman, Wm. M W 22 Shoemaker NY
    Rupple, Adam M W 24 Musician Prussia
    Korn?, Charles M W 22 Musician Prussia
    Loss?, Robert M W 23 Soldier MA
    McLarnen?, Henry M W 22 Cooper Ireland
    Miller, Wm. S. M W 21 Laborer OH
    Nilson, Edward M W 26 Musician Sweden
    Potter, James R. M W 22 Laborer on RR NY
    Price, Abraham M W 22 Barber Prussia
    Rieves, Wm. P. M W 21 Musician OH
    Rosenworth, Joseph M W 23 Book Binder? Hanover
    Smith, George M W 28 Cabinet Maker Sweden
    Stone, John M W 22 Musician Prussia
    Walser?, Arthur M W 21 Farmer Switzerland
    Williams, Henry M W 21 Laborer Holland
    Winter, Charles M W 28 Silvermaster? Holland
    Pitshaw?, John M W 38 Soldier Holland
    Cole, Edward M W 23 Musician NY
    Gooding, George M W 20 Musician MI
    Lindlaw?, Andrew M W 17 Musician Norway
    Merrill, Aten S. M W 25 Musician WI
    McHouse, Wm. J. M W 21 Musician NY
    Saud, John M W 25 Musician Prussia
    Daniels, Frances M W 29 Musician Holland
    Weisser?, Jalins? M W 23 Farmer Hanover
    Dorn, John P. M W 28 Baker IL
    Yeager, Henry M W 26 Musician Berlin


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