1880 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Dodge City in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
 Street Second Street Date: 2 June 1880   Enumerator: W. C. Shinn  SD: 2   ED: 377, Page: 553B Publication: T9 Roll: 381


Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Sex  Race Age Mo/Born   Relation   MSWD  Profession  Birthplace        Father BP     Mother BP
11 11 Bell, Hamilton B. M W 26     M Liveryman VA MD MD
           Josephine F W 23   Wife M Keeping House IA    
           Hamilton M W 2   Son S   KS VA IA
    Lie, Charles M W 20   Servant S Laborer KS    
12 12 Hudson, Nathan M W 36     S Freighter MO KY KY
    Ingese?, William M W 33   Boarder M Blackman PA PA PA
                  May F W 21   Boarder M Dress Maker PA PA PA
    Dean, Delia F W 27   Servant S Servant LA LA France
    Hartzell, Sadie F W 18   Boarder S Dress Maker PA PA PA
    Shepard, Minnie F W 21   Boarder S Sporting Canada England England
13 13 Mingo, George W. M W 17     S Laborer MN England MI
    Bell, Henry H. M W 31   Boarder S Carpenter MI VT ?
14 14 King, George S. M W 40     W Freighter PA PA PA
             David M W 12   Son S At Home IA PA IA
15 15 Kincaid, Robert M W 33     M Stone Mason KY KY KY
                 Sarah F W 26   Wife M Keeping House IN    
                 Louis M W 7   Son S   IN KY IN
                 Ivy F W 3   Dau S   IN KY IN
16 16 Stroudeman, Leonard M W 42     M Laborer WV WV WV
                        Annie F W 36   Wife M Keeping House WV WV WV
                        Lorenzo M W 22   Son S Laborer WV WV WV
                        Mary F W 19   Dau S At Home WV WV WV
                        James W. M W 14   Son S At School WV WV WV
                        George Edward M W 10   Son S   OH WV WV
17 17 Spencer, Wm. John M W 40     M Laborer Dela ? England Scotland
                  Catherine F W 39   Wife M Keeping House Ireland Ireland Ireland
                  Mary F W 13   Dau S At School MO Dela ? Ireland
                  Ada F W 8   Dau S At School KS Dela ? Ireland
                  Wm. John M W 6   Son S   KS Dela ? Ireland
                  Arthur M W 4   Son S   KS Dela ? Ireland
                  Ernestine F W 1   Dau S   KS Dela ? Ireland
18 18 Switzer, C. P. M W 28     M Laborer WV WV WV
                 Margaret F W 18   Wife M Keeping House WV WV WV
                 Annie F W 6/12   Dau S   KS WV WV
19 19 Calhoun, Henry C. M W 27     M Carpenter MO KY MO
                  Mollie E. F W 20   Wife M Keeping House AL GA GA
                  John M W 24   Brother S Laborer MO KY MO
                 George A. M W 21   Brother S Laborer MO KY MO
    Nemil?, A. A. M W 29   Bro-Law S Laborer GA GA GA
                 James M. M W 22   Bro-Law S Laborer AL GA GA
20 20 Phillips, James J. M W 26     M Wagon Maker PA England England
                Sarah F W 22   Wife M Keeping House IA OH OH
                Daisy F W 3   Dau S   KS PA IA
                Charley M W 8/12   Son S   KS PA IA
21 21 Reaveselle?, Alfred M W 55     S Farmer France France France
22 22 Morrow, David M W 42     S Laborer OH OH NY
                   Susie F W 4   Dau S   KS OH NY
                   Fanny F W 1   Dau S   KS OH NY
    Wake, Mary E. F W 37   Servant S Servant NY NY NY
    Wheadon, Charles E. M W 10   Ad-Son S   IL NY NY


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