1880 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Spearville Township, Township 25 south of range 23 west in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Date: 3 June 1880   Enumerator: G. W. Potter   SD: 2   ED: 380 Page: 581B Publication: T9 Roll: 381


Transcribed by Cindy Hoffman Koegel and Janis Dawson

DW#   FM#   Name Sex  Race Age Mo/Born   Relation   MSWD  Profession  Birthplace        Father BP     Mother BP
7 7 Beebe, Geo M W 32 W Stone Mason NY NY Ny
            Belle F W 11 Dau S Iowa NY Ohio
            Maud F W 6 Dau S Minn NY Ohio
            Harry M W 3 Son S Minn NY Ohio
8 8 Padgett, John M W 35 M Stone Brick Mason England England England
             Emma F W 35 Wife M Keeping House Ohio NY NY
             John M W 14 Son S At Home Wisc England Ohio
             Jennie F W 12 Dau S Wisc England Ohio
             Guy M W 9 Son S Iowa England Ohio
9 9 Hinchey, Wesley M W 24 S Farmer Ohio Ohio Ohio
10 10 Williams, Oliver M W 34 M Farmer PA Canada NY
               Luella F W 29 Wife M Keeping House NY NY NY
               Clara F W 5 Dau S PA PA NY
11 11 Whitehill, James M W 37 M Farmer PA PA PA
               Agnes F W 32 Wife M Keeping House PA PA PA
               John M W 11 Son S At School PA PA PA
               Millie F W 1 Dau S Kansas PA PA
12 12 Meicham, Herbert M W 22 S Farmer Iowa Ohio Ohio
13 13 Meicham, Curtis M W 25 S Farmer Iowa Ohio Ohio
14 14 Swan, Ezra M W 41 M Farmer Ohio VA NY
          Josephine F W 35 Wife M Keeping House Ohio Ohio Ohio
          Flora F W 11 Dau S Ill Ohio Ohio
          Charles M W 6 Son S Ill Ohio Ohio
          Walter M W 4 Son S Ill Ohio Ohio


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