1880 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Spearville Township, Township 26 range 22 West in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Date: 17 June 1880   Enumerator: G. W. Potter   SD: 2   ED: 380 Page: 588C Publication: T9 Roll: 381


Transcribed by Janis Dawson

DW#   FM#   Name Sex  Race Age Mo/Born   Relation   MSWD  Profession  Birthplace        Father BP     Mother BP
88 88 Mivis, Joseph M W 45     M Farmer Holland Holland Holland
              Louise F W 35   Wife M Keep House Germany Germany Germany
              George M W 11   Son   At Home IL Holland Germany
              Harry M W 9   Son     IL Holland Germany
              Louise F W 7   Dau     WI Holland Germany
              Edward M W 4   Son     WI Holland Germany
             Joseph M W 3   Son     WI Holland Germany
             Jane F W 1/12 My Dau     KS Holland Germany
89 89 Petillon, William M W 34     M Reg. of Deeds NY Ireland Ireland
                 Henriette F W 34   Wife M Keep House NY NY England
                 Frane F W 12   Dau   At Home NY NY NY
                 Bell F W 10   Dau     NY NY NY
                 Etta F W 7   Dau     NY NY NY
                 Florence F W 1   Dau     NY NY NY
90 90 Parker, Susan F W 37     W Farmer NY NY England
               Allie M W 2   Son     NY NY NY
91 91 Wegand, John M W 35     M Farmer Bavaria Bavaria Bavaria
                  Margurette F W 31   Wife M Keep House Bavaria Bavaria Bavaria
                  Kate F W 4   Dau     OH Bavaria Bavaria
                  Lena F W 1   Dau     KS Bavaria Bavaria
92 92 Neimies, John M W 28     S Farmer Germany Germany Germany
93 93 Meier, Fred M W 26     S Farmer Germany Germany Germany


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