1880 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Spearville Township in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Date: 26 June 1880   Enumerator: G. W. Potter   SD: 2   ED: 380 Page: 592C Publication: T9 Roll: 381


Transcribed by Janis Dawson

DW#   FM#   Name Sex  Race Age Mo/Born   Relation   MSWD  Profession  Birthplace        Father BP     Mother BP
143 143 Fry, Robert M W 38     M Farmer PA PA PA
           Catherine F W 31   Wife M Keep House PA PA PA
            Ella F W 7   Dau     IA PA PA
            Jennie F W 6   Dau     PA PA PA
            Marlon M W 1   Son     KS PA PA
144 144 Richardson, Egnetiaus M W 31     M Farmer IL KY KY
                       Katie F W 23   Wife M Keep House IL UT VA
                       Mabel F W 2   Dau     IL IL IL
145 145 Peters, Moran M W 34     M Farmer Germany Germany Germany
               Katherine F W 28   Wife M Keep House Germany Germany Germany
               Robert M W 4   Son     Germany Germany Germany
146 146 Tagat, Henry M W 35     W   Germany Germany Germany
               John M W 9   Son     Germany Germany Germany
               August M W 8   Son     Germany Germany Germany
               Louise F W 3   Dau     Germany Germany Germany
147 147 Marshall, Samuel M W 46     M Engineer RR PA PA PA
                   Barbary F W 45   Wife M Keep House PA PA PA
                   Eva F W 10   Dau     IA PA PA
                   William M W 5   Son     IA PA PA
148 148 Parthamore, Samuel M W 34     M Farmer PA PA PA
                       Laura F W 22   Wife M Keep House PA PA PA
                       Clarence M W 2   Son     IL PA PA
                       Baby F W 2mo Mr Dau     KS PA PA
149 149 Tolson, Ben M W 45     M Farmer England England England
                Kate F W 44   Wife M Keep House PA PA PA
                Daniel M W 8   Son     PA England PA
                Benjamin M W 6   Son     IL England PA
                Richard M W 6   Son     IL England PA
150 150 Huffman, Louis M W 35     M Farmer PA PA PA
                   Lottie F W 34   Wife M Keep House Ireland Ireland Ireland
                   William M W 12   Son   At School PA PA Ireland
                   Maggie F W 10   Dau   At Home PA PA Ireland
                   Bernice F W 8   Dau     PA PA Ireland
                   Ella F W 6   Dau     PA PA Ireland
                   Eddie M W 4   Son     IA PA Ireland


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