1880 U. S. Census for Ford County, Kansas

Inhabitants in: Village of Spearville in the County of Ford, State of Kansas
Street Walnut Street, Date: 29 June 1880   Enumerator: G. W. Potter   SD: 2   ED: 380 Page: 593B Publication: T9 Roll: 381


Transcribed by Janis Dawson

DW#   FM#   Name Sex  Race Age Mo/Born   Relation   MSWD  Profession  Birthplace        Father BP     Mother BP
163 163 Newcomb, Charles M W 46     M Minister NY DE NY
                      Martha F W 34   Wife M Keep House NY NY NY
164 164 Heining, Emil M W 40     M Farmer Slazing Slazing Slazing
                 Augusta F W 35   Wife M Keep House Slazing Slazing Slazing
                 Arthur M W 8   Son     Slazing Slazing Slazing
                 Ella F W 6   Dau     IA Slazing Slazing
                 Martha F W 4   Dau     WI Slazing Slazing
                 Walter M W 2   Son     WI Slazing Slazing
165 165 Slaven, Harlness M W 30     S Sheep Raiser OH Ireland PA
                Mary F W 60   Mother W Keep House PA Ireland PA
                Nancy F W 32   Sister S At Home OH Ireland PA
                Edward M W 27   Brother S Carpenter OH Ireland PA
                Eunice F W 25   Sister S At Home OH Ireland PA
166 166 Hall, George M W 38     M Post Master NY RI NY
            Jennie F W 37   Wife M Keep House OH PA OH
            Nelson M W 7mo Nv Son     KS NY OH
    Nelson, Adda F W 24   Sis-Law     OH PA OH
167 167 Keohler, August M W 38     M Miller Prussia Prussia Prussia
                  Louise F W 36   Wife M Keep House Prussia Prussia Prussia
                  Ella F W 8   Dau     MO Prussia Prussia
                  Martha F W 4   Dau     MO Prussia Prussia
                  Louise F W 1   Dau     KS Prussia Prussia
168 168 Burns, William M W 30     M Farmer OH OH OH
               Carrie F W 30   Wife M Keep House OH KY OH
               Nita F W 5   Dau     OH OH OH
169 169 Boedicher, William M W 40     M Hotel Keeper Hanover Hanover Hanover
                      Lena F W 30   Wife M Land Lady Baiern Baiern Baiern
                      Louis M W 18   Brother S At Work Hanover Hanover Hanover
                      Otto M W 17   Brother S At Home Hanover Hanover Hanover
                      Charles M W 9   S-Son     WI Hanover Baiern
                      Lena F W 7   Dau     IA Hanover Baiern
                      William M W 2   Son     IA Hanover Baiern
                      George M W 10m Ap Son     KS Hanover Baiern
170 170 Roden, Mary F W 28   Boarder W   WI Baiern Baiern
                Thomas M W 8mo Ot Son     KS WI Hanover
171 171 Knause, David M W 55     W Carpenter PA PA PA
172 172 Hamilton, Clark M W 39     S Justice of Peace MI OH OH
173 173 Triesfach, Charles M W 23     S Shoemaker Prussia Prussia Prussia
174 174 Keith, John M W 38     M Constable IL VA KY
              Josephine F W 22   Wife M Keep House IN IN KY
              Harry M W 11   Son     IN IL KY
              Addam M W 3   S-Son     IN IN IN
175 175 Klein, Gideon M W 58     M Trader PA PA PA
              Mary F W 58   Wife M Keep House PA PA PA
    Bortz, Anna F W 24   Boarder S   PA PA PA
    Laross, John M W 25   Boarder S Day Laborer PA PA PA


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